Eye Gels: The Product Your Anti-Aging Routine Is Missing

When an uninvited blemish shows up on your face, it’s annoying, frustrating, and a definite downer. But every pimple has a timeline, a life span; you know it will eventually come to an end. When you start noticing dark circles, under-eye bag, and fine lines around your most prized facial feature—your eyes—it’s a bit more unsettling. There’s no life cycle of a dark circle and no half-life of an under-eye bag to count on. And so we turn to every eye treatment known to man. First, it was eye creams—the holy grail anti-aging product in every beauty arsenal. Then, when we realized slathering on creams wasn’t enough, we all ran out and purchased shopping baskets full of eye masks. And then eye serums. Creams aren’t cutting it. Masks are helping. Serums are getting there. But is there something better, something your under-eyes are missing? Yes. Eye gels. Scroll through to find out why!

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