How to Make Your Foundation Look Like It Was Done by a Makeup Artist



By just looking at, say, red carpet photos, it's easy to assume that celebrities (and/or models) have perfect skin. In reality, what they have is access to great makeup artists who create perfect-looking skin. "They're like painters," Cate Blanchett told me in a recent interview. "They work makeup in with moisturizers and primers and really prime the canvas and massage it in so it's living with the skin, not a layer on top of the skin." She said that of all her years spent in a makeup chair, this approach to foundation is her biggest takeaway.

To her point, the reason many of us struggle with how to apply foundation in a natural, seamless way is that we're taking a one-pronged approach: applying one given product, and that's it. But the best foundation tips from the pros prove it's a multi-step, multi-product process: The actual color is meant to be applied as a mix-in with other skincare products, and the application method itself—massaging and brushing the color into the skin—is just as essential for a poreless finish.

So what exactly goes into this process? Keep reading to discover the best foundation tips we've picked up from makeup artists, as well as the products they love.