If Money Were No Object, These Are the Christmas Presents We'd Like to Receive

We’re grown-up enough to understand that Christmas is about the giving, not the receiving. But what if, perchance, you did happen to win big on that scratch card you bought on your way into work after a serious bout of Sunday night dread? You’d need something to splash out on to celebrate, and the last thing you need is to have to spend time faffing in department stores or panic googling expensive gifts.

It’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to put in some legwork and pull out some rather fancy blow-the-budget presents. It didn’t take us long because essentially, it’s what we’re dreaming about as well. A bit of beauty, some Christmas pyjamas, a tasty treat or two—your standard festive fare but with a few noughts added on the end of the price tag. (Not that you’d need to look at that, mind.)

Scroll down to see what we’d like Santa to leave under the tree this year.

Tom Ford Girls & Boys Lip Colour Set $1500

Tom Ford’s limited-edition lacquered black mahogany gift box is filled with 50 of his sheer and ultra-rich lip colours that can be layered or worn alone. It’s the ultimate gift for any makeup lover.

Crème de La Mer Crème de La Mer x Smythson Jewellery Case $685

Two prestigious brands nestled together in one pretty sweet package. Thanks, Crème de La Mer and Smythson—we’ll take that spare £685 and wire it your way. After all, we need our skin to look the bomb at all times now we’re top of our game, and we really will need somewhere to store all our diamonds. This baby-blue leather trinket case embossed with the La Mer logo will do just fine.

Prada Printed Silk Twill Pajama Set $1205

You absolutely cannot go to bed on Christmas Day without a new pair of pyjamas. It’s an unwritten rule. This year, hold your fleece twin set and slip into something a little silkier—100% silk (twill, as it happens). And with a Prada label. Just don’t spill your Baileys down your front, because they’re dry clean only.

Dolce & Gabbana Ice Cream Cone Phone Case $295

Sad times, but phones have become like an extra body part. Because our phones are an extension of our bejewelled and manicured fingers, it’s only natural we want them to look as well-dressed as the rest of us. That said, splashing out on a phone case does seem rather extravagant. Or it did when we were on a budget. Now it’s all about the Dolce & Gabbana covers. Quirky, kitsch and totally unnecessary, these are not for blending into the background.

Hock Goldloft Dumbells $88000

Worth their weight in gold? Well yes actually. These 18-carat-gold muscle makers are one of only 50 made, so you know you’re getting something pretty special. We wouldn’t advise carting them down to your local PureGym, but when you’ve got this much dollar to spend on dumbbells, you’ll probably have a live-in personal trainer too.

Montblanc Augmented Paper and StarWalker Writing Instrument $590

The budget might not stretch to one’s own butler, but etch down your thoughts and shopping lists onto this simple looking pad and it will transfer your doodles and to-dos to your mobile or computer. It might not look especially sexy, but as predecessors of the pen-and–lined paper generation, it’s Montblanc's last stab in the dark at keeping things (kind of) real.

Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder Makeup Kit $550

A fashion and beauty match made in heaven, your makeup would never get grubby in the bottom of your bag again because it would all be nestled inside this handcrafted Italian leather pouch. But what’s this? It’s already full? Oh, Victoria, you shouldn’t have. Featuring the Morning Aura Illuminating Crème, Lip Pencil and Highlighter in Modern Mercury, amongst other gems, you can live out your Posh Spice dreams once and for all.

Up next: More Christmas beauty gifts galore.

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