The 11 Best Exfoliating Pads for the Brightest, Glowiest Skin Ever

Any skin-health expert will tell you that chemical exfoliation is a key part of an effective skincare routine. According to Byrdie's most trusted esthetician, Renée Rouleau, applying an alpha and/or beta hydroxy acid (like glycolic and lactic acid or salicylic acid, respectively) several evenings a week can offer a mile-long list of benefits, including an overnight improvement in skin texture, reduction in clogged pores and breakouts, increased collagen production, a more even skin tone, improved discoloration, faded acne scars, softened fine lines, reduced dryness and flakiness, and elevated efficacy of your other skincare products. As long as you don't overdo it, there is almost no downside to chemical exfoliation.

Still, for some, adding that extra step in the form of a cleanser or serum can be cumbersome. But what about a wipe? Exfoliating pads do the work of a serum, depositing active ingredients onto your skin, but in a convenient disposable form. Looking to add exfoliating pads to your skincare routine? Keep scrolling for 11 options, each containing a different formula and potency so you can find the right one for your skin type.