Trust Us: These Are the Best Body Scrubs on the Market

We give a lot of attention to our faces. You probably tend to yours every single day with nourishing skincare products and top-of-the-line makeup. As skin-obsessed humans, it's important to remember the skin on our bodies deserves just as much of our time. Do you treat it with the same A-list attention? If not, this is where body scrubs come in. For some reason, body scrubs are not talked about as much as they should be. These hardworking products deliver luxurious results, enriching spa-like feels as soon as they touch the skin. Is your body feeling flaky, dry, rough, or simply unloved? You need a body scrub.

Using a blend of A-grade ingredients, body scrubs wash away impurities and regenerate the texture of your skin to ultra smoothness. My favorite thing to do with a body scrub is massage it all over my body in the shower, allow it to seep into my pores for a few minutes, and then wash it away, which reveals a fresh, silky-soft layer of skin that almost feels new. If you aren't sure where to start, below are Byrdie-editor favorites. Trust, these will not disappoint.