8 Exercise Sliders for a Serious Glute Burn

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Fitness sliders are an amazing choice for anyone who wants to take their workouts to the next level with a simple and inexpensive accessory. Workout sliders are a set of two thin discs (sold as a pair) that you use on the floor; as the name suggests, they’re used by way of sliding, usually either with your hands or feet. 

Sliders create an instability surface, meaning a surface that isn’t stable, AKA moves, underneath you. That instability and movement cause your body to have to engage many muscles to create stability while doing workout moves on top of them. Fitness sliders get you working harder than anticipated right from the start and are useful for many different muscle groups: most notably, and commonly, your core. We’re focusing here on their uses for burning out your glutes, and have asked WeStrive trainers Mo Jamjoom and Hailey Andrew for their top choices.

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Our Top Picks
Developed for stability and ease of movement, these sliders will make your workouts a breeze.
These affordable sliders are available in multiple colors and can work on carpet, turf, and hardwood floor.
These are great for beginners because they have a velcro strap to help keep your hands or feet in place.
Best for Beginners, Runner-Up:
Live Infinity Core Sliders at Amazon
These dual-sided sliders are durable and affordable.
Best Options:
Gliding Discs at Amazon
These gliding discs are available in different options to match the specific type of floor type you'll be using them on.
These sliders are a hexagonal shape, and they're great for intermediate users.
These professional sliders were designed for at-home workouts and are dual-sided for multiple surfaces.
Made to move furniture on carpets, these sliders also work great for workouts.

Best Overall: GoFit Go Slides

GoFit Go Sliders

Though made for soft surfaces, GoFit Go Slides come with booties included so that they can also be used on hard floors. They have a large, rectangular surface area and foam padding for grip action that they say “provides traction for hands and feet” and makes for “a flowing, controlled range of motion.” Their site also has two full-body workout videos for use with their sliders.

Best Budget: Iron Core Fitness Dual Sided Gliding Discs

Iron Core Fitness Dual Sided Gliding Discs

Even though “core” is referenced in the name, these discs can be used for full-body workouts with no shortage of movements for glutes. Mo says that he “bought this pair because of their sturdiness.” He loves that he ”could use them on both carpet/turf and hardwood floor” because “both sides of the discs can be used depending on the surface you want to use them on.” They’re available in multiple fun, bright colors.

Best for Beginners: Amonax Sliders Amonax Sliders

Amonax Sliders

If you’re a beginner when it comes to sliders, Hailey suggests this choice. She tells us, “The Amonax Sliders are great for beginners because they have a velcro strap to help keep your hands or feet in place.” To make using them as easy as possible, there are “examples of possible exercises you can perform with the sliders right on the slider itself.” She notes that the set is “relatively inexpensive” as well. They’re two-sided, making them usable on both carpeting and hard floors. 

Best for Beginners, Runner-Up: Live Infinity Core Sliders

Live Infinity Core Sliders

Another solid option for beginners, Live Infinity Core Sliders are also obtainable on the cheap. Hallie says that these “are the sliders that my gym has in a large set for class use. These are more affordable and still great quality.” Like the Amonax, they’re dual-sided, and Hallie finds them to be durable. 

Best Options: Gliding Discs

Gliding Discs

Why just slide when you can glide? Gliding discs are available specific to the floor type you’ll be using them on. Mo says that “this pair is the first pair I owned, and I loved using them at home on carpeted surfaces.” He notes that they’re “very light and easy to pull towards you,” and that he “threw these in the washer, and they were fine since they're made out of fabric.” Concerning glutes, the product description says that Gliding Discs ”can firm and lift the buttocks.”

Best for Intermediate: SKLZ Slidez Dual-Sided Exercise Glider Discs

SKLZ Slidez

With a larger surface area and extra grip for your hands and feet, Slides by SKILZ are a top choice for anyone looking to up their glute burn game. They’re excellent for bilateral training, meaning working both sides of your body at once because of how the fasteners can clip together. Unlike most other sliders, they’re hexagonal, not circular; the company says that the shape “reinforces omnidirectional movement.”

Best for Pros: MVMT Society Gliders

MVMT Gliders

Want to ensure the products you choose were crafted by elite fitness professionals? Hallie says that the MVMT Society Gliders were “created by genius pilates & barre instructors.” These sliders were designed for at-home workouts and are dual-sided for multiple surfaces. Don’t let that stop you from packing them in your gym bag, though; Hallie tells us that “they made them easy to pack and take with you to the studio as well.” She loves them because “They're high quality and cute.”

Best Multi-Purpose: SuperSliders Sliders for Carpet


This choice is a bit out of the box; Mo notes that SuperSliders “are actually used to move furniture on carpets.” If that’s got you raising an eyebrow, just hear him out; he says that “they work great as workout sliders!” He was introduced to them at a fitness studio “that had a turf for slider exercises.” He considers them a top pick “because of their slim shape,” which allows “your feet to be closer to each other than traditional disc-shaped sliders.” 

Final Verdict

Sliders can come in an array of sizes and materials, but our top pick is the GoFit Go (view at Amazon) Slides for their versatility and excellent grip. We also love the MVMT Society’s Gliders (view at MVMT). They’re dual-sided for use on both hard floors and carpet, plus they’re small and lightweight enough to throw in your bag and travel with. They were also designed by barre and pilates instructors, so you can trust they’re good. For beginners (or those who just prefer the extra support), Amonax’s Sliders (view at Amonax) feature straps to help keep your hands and feet in place during your workouts. They’re also super affordable, making them the best entry gear for someone newer to working their glutes. The hexagonal SKLZ Slidez (view at Amazon) are also a great option since they have a larger surface area for extra grip, and their unique shape helps to reinforce “omnidirectional movement.” Plus, their low-friction non-marking bottom can be used on practically any surface, making them extra versatile.

What to Look for in Workout Sliders


To get the most out of your workouts, fitness trainer Christine Bullock suggests looking for a dual-sided option. “The best gliders have two sides, one a soft foam to be used on wooden floors and the other plastic to be used on carpet,” she says. That way, you can use them in any and every location, from your living room to the gym. 


When it comes to buying at-home workout gear, some items can be—and should be, for quality reasons—spendier purchases. However, that shouldn’t be the case for workout sliders. “You don’t need to spend much on a great quality and long-lasting glider,” says Bullock. With that in mind, don’t feel the need to shell out on an overpriced set, something budget-friendly with good reviews will do just the trick. 


While they may not be a preference for all, sliders with straps are excellent for keeping your hands and feet in place while you work out. If you're a newbie when it comes to glute-burning exercises, they could be just the thing to help you keep your best form. 

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