Would You Ever Take a Gym-Replacing Pill?

How many times—usually in bed at a godforsaken morning hourhave we joked that if only there were a pill that could let us skip our actual workout but still give our bodies the same effects of sweating it out… As silly and farfetched as it always sounds, scientists have actually made major steps toward turning that fantasy into a reality. 

Researchers in Australia have discovered the molecular "blueprint" of exercise: In other words, they have a very good idea of exactly what the muscles tend to do when the body is in workout mode, providing a clear road map that they're hoping can ultimately be mimicked by a prescription drug. 

Of course, there are some mixed reactions. While it's certainly an amazing breakthrough, particularly for those who are too physically impaired to exercise, trainers and other fitness buffs argue that it could also foster major laziness for those who just don't want to put the work in at the gym. "No pill will ever replace the emotional, physical, and mental benefits of honoring your body," Barry's Bootcamp trainer Noah Neiman tells The Daily News.

We can certainly agree with that—but hey, it's cool nonetheless. However, for those who are feeling too lazy to hit the gym, can we recommend an at-home regimen in the meantime? Ballet Beautiful's online classes ($35 each) are killer, and you won't even have to set foot out your front door.

Would you ever take a pill to replace exercise? What do you think of this new development? Tell us in the comments below!