The Startling Connection Between Your Workout and Your Skin


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When I began doing research on this topic, I was sure the results would be that working out was great for your skin. Somehow, in my brain, a good sweat session was always followed by flushed, rosy cheeks and glowing skin. Not so.

There are some benefits, of course, in that working out increases blood circulation, which brings new nutrients to the cells and oxygen to the skin. So it definitely is helpful for getting a glow. There's also stress reduction, and while less stress is great for your mental health and wellness, it's also good for your complexion. According to celebrity esthetician Renée Rouleau, working out also produces cortisol, which can lessen stress-related breakouts.

But that was the extent of the pros: Rouleau went on to list a myriad of problems that exercise can cause in your skin. From redness and melasma to bacteria and dryness, she lays out all the issues (and subsequent solutions) you should take into account before, during, and after a workout.