This Could Be the Best Makeup Sponge Ever Invented, According to the Internet

We were admittedly a little dubious when a silicone beauty "sponge" started making the rounds on Reddit a few weeks ago—upon further investigation, the tool (which bears an uncanny resemblance to a breast implant) seems to function more like a makeup spatula than an actual foundation blender. But now another silicone model is picking up steam among beauty fans everywhere, thanks to a superior construction that promises a perfectly airbrushed finish.

Described as "the world's first perfect makeup sponge," the Evie Blender is made of the same non-absorbent silicone, which means that it doesn't stain—and, in turn, won't pick up bacteria nearly as easily as most traditional blending sponges. But the difference between Evie and the aforementioned SiliSponge comes down to its unique surface: It's textured like a sponge so it will still blend foundation thoroughly for a second-skin finish. It's also completely hypoallergenic and lasts for more than a year.

Need proof that it'll get the job done? See Evie in action below.