EveryStylishGirl's Upcoming Virtual Event Celebrates Black Beauty and Businesses

Beauty influencer Jackie Aina is the keynote speaker.

Every Stylish Girl

Every Stylish Girl

Nana Agyemang's unwavering mission to amplify Black and Brown voices in fashion, beauty, and media is what fuels her each day. And it's that deeply-rooted desire that led to the launch of her media platform, EveryStylishGirl, in 2016. Since its inception, the focus has been to offer inspiring resources for women of color—helping to build skillsets, land roles in the industry, and take careers to the next level. 

Prior to the pandemic, EveryStylishGirl regularly hosted its signature conference, Sip N' Slay, which provided the brand's digital community with a chance to network with and learn from some of the industry's most notable women offline. While their in-person brunches and panel sessions have since gone virtual, Agyemang and EveryStylishGirl continue to deliver an impactful experience. Over the last year, the platform has held two successful Sip N' Slay events and is gearing up for its third. On January 31, EveryStylishGirl is hosting Sip N' Slay: Secrets of Black Success, which is set to be the platform's biggest conference to date.

Sunday's event will rally together an impressive lineup of talented Black entrepreneurs, creatives, and content creators—including Bread Beauty Supply founder Maeva Heim and HoneyPot Founder and CEO Beatrice Dixon—for a day of guided conversations and workshops that aim to empower. To add to the magic, beauty influencer Jackie Aina will deliver the keynote address. Ahead of the event, Agyemang provided us with a bit more insight into what to expect, her plans for the future of EveryStylishGirl, how she practices self-care as a busy businesswoman, and more. 

On the mission of ESG...

"Since I was young, I found myself with an undeniable passion for fashion, beauty, and media. I soaked up Vogue and the leading publications of the time. But growing up in Ohio, I was always aware of the lack of representation for women of color in industry. After receiving my master's in journalism at Columbia University, I began my career as the fashion reporter at The New York Times. Throughout my career in journalism, I honed my craft at outlets like ELLE, BBC, and most recently as The Cut’s social media editor—where I doubled their Instagram audience to one million followers in a year, launched their first IGTV series titled, Cut Chats, and was recognized by the Today Show for having the best Met Gala social coverage of 2019. Throughout these incredible career experiences, my goal has remained: creating opportunities for Black and Brown women to thrive within the world of fashion and media. This is why in 2016, I launched my company: EveryStylishGirl."

On transitioning to virtual events during the pandemic...

"Last year was going to be ESG's first opportunity to take Sip N' Slay global with a special conference in Ghana. Of course, I had to cancel due to the COVID-19 pandemic and take the event online—which turned out to be an international opportunity for ESG anyway. Our conference reached 500 viewers from across the globe, and it showed me there is a large and widespread demand for Black and Brown leaders in fashion and beauty to share their secrets to success. It’s a very challenging market to break into because of the competition. Therefore, access to information goes a long way to your community. The secrets to a great digital event are the speakers and the attendees. Speakers like Jackie Aina and the co-founder of Mented Cosmetics, Amanda Johnson, make Sip N’ Slay a unique and memorable event filled with tangible expert advice. Also, our audience brings a high energy to every event. They come ready to network, uplift, and motivate one another. It's a beautiful bond that’s created at every virtual conference that other companies can’t duplicate."



On what attendees can expect from the next event...

"This conference is focused on how to take your brand and your business to new heights! We’ll be deep-diving into all things brand development, as our collection of experts share best practices and hard-earned advice based on their first-hand experiences. You can expect intimate guided conversations and tactical workshops with thought leaders from every industry, including fashion, beauty, venture capital, design, and more. Whether your business is a product or you're looking to build yourself into a brand, our speakers intimately understand the challenges Black businesses face and will candidly share the secrets that helped launch their brands to success. We’ve never done a Black business conference like this before, and we hope it's the perfect kickoff for Black History Month. We want it to remind people to not just buy Black during the resurgence of the BLM, but to buy and invest in Black companies daily."

On Jackie Aina's involvement as the keynote speaker...

"I feel like I can put a checkmark next to 'just hit a major career milestone' in my journal. I’ve admired Jackie for years. As a dark-skinned woman myself, I’ve always struggled with finding beauty influencers who look like me. Jackie not only gives phenomenal beauty advice, but she is a boss and activist. She motivates me to give back to the community and always stretch the ladder down to lift up other Black women in media. She’s going to be incredibly inspirational at Sip N’ Slay because she is really relatable. She started from the bottom, and now she’s taking over the beauty industry. I simply just love to see it." 

On the lessons and takeaways from attending Sip N’ Slay...

"I hope Sip N’ Slay can create more equitable opportunities and spaces for women of color to not only get the visibility they deserve, but to thrive within their light and power. We want to empower ambition and drive within our attendees. By attending Sip N’ Slay, you’re entering the group chat with your best friends, where you will be filled with endless motivation, support, and love. We aim to make sure you succeed through your endeavors."

On her future plans for ESG and Sip N’ Slay...

"Following our last Sip N Slay, we received a testimony from Chrissy Rutherford, who is a fashion and social media expert, contributor at Harpers Bazaar, and co-founder of 2BG Consulting. She reflected on her time at Sip N’ Slay, saying, 'Sometimes it feels hard to celebrate the wins and the good stuff that’s happened this year because the world’s in constant turmoil, but I do feel immense gratitude. I’m just one of so many Black women who are trying to carve out new paths for themselves. And no matter the industry, I think we all share a common goal in trying to create more spaces for those that look like us.'

"This quote meant a lot to me because that is exactly where I see us going in the future. We plan to create more opportunities and safe spaces for our community; whether that be a podcast, a creative studio, or digital courses, I want to make sure we can continue investing in our community and other small Black-owned businesses."



On her virtual event beauty essentials...

"I have been living for the '90s beauty look lately—lots of bronzer, blush, and minimal makeup with a dark lip liner. I am keeping it classy and wearing my hair in large box braids that stretch to my waist. I am giving Naomi Campbell-meets-Janet Jackson in Poetic Justice vibes. If you know, you know."

On the piece of advice that's helped her build ESG...

"Stick to your goal. A lot of people will share their ideologies and try to shape yours, but stick with your plan. Stay resilient and stay innovative. There is only ONE you, and you can’t be duplicated. Keep your secret sauce to yourself and keep pushing for change. Change will come, and you’ll succeed but remember to never give up on your plan."

On the self-care practices that help her recharge...

"I keep it simple. I meditate for 15-minutes in the morning before I touch my phone, and I watch some of my favorite TV shows. I am currently loving Girlfriends for its iconic beauty looks and timeless fashion." 

You can purchase your ticket to Sip N' Slay: Secrets of Black Success here.

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