Meet Everist: The Zero-Waste Brand Making "Waterless Haircare" a Thing

Here are my honest thoughts.

Everist, Shampoo and Conditioner


It’s getting way easier to start and maintain a greener beauty routine. From zero-waste bottles to sustainable packaging options, the beauty industry is exploding with innovation in the eco-friendly front. The latest sustainable brand to catch our attention is Everist, a new zero-waste beauty brand from two beauty industry vets, Jayme Jenkins and Jessica Stevenson. The first launch, available today, is the Waterless Shampoo Concentrate ($24) and the Waterless Conditioner Concentrate ($24). We know—waterless shampoo? To clear up any confusion, the waterless in the name refers to the formula itself, not the ability to cleanse hair without water (that's where your dry shampoo comes in).The highly-concentrated silicone, sulfate, and preservative-free formulas are made without any water, and we sat down with the founders for why this is better for your hair—and the planet—in the long run.

Everist, Shampoo
Everist Waterless Shampoo Concentrate $24

The Story

The zero-waste concept of Everist was born from an unlikely concept—concentrated cleaning refills you activate with water. “Haircare seemed like an obvious place to start because shampoos and conditioners are 70 to 80% water, or almost always use plastic bottles, and they have a lot of synthetic chemicals in them as well," Jayme explains to Byrdie exclusively. "We thought that might be a great place to try to do something really new and really innovative.”

The formula is three times more concentrated than traditional formulas and equivalent to a traditional 300 mil shampoo or conditioner, with about 30 washes depending on your hair care routine. Since it’s concentrated and smaller, it’s eco-friendly to ship and the waterless formula allows the brand to to cut out preservatives completely.

The Packaging and Ingredients

Everist doesn't take "zero-waste" lightly—the tubes are 99.7% pure aluminum, so they're easy to recycle and the caps are easy to return with the Cap Back program. The brand uses recycled packaging and skips the plastic packaging and shipping materials. They've also partnered with Climate Neutral to offset carbon emissions. So, all you have to do for a more eco-friendly routine is make a small change to your routine.

As for the formulas themselves, you’ll find hydrating plant-based ingredients, vegetable glycerin, aloe vera, and a blend of essential oils like peppermint, and rosemary which are said to stimulate hair growth. The waterless products promise a gentle, non-stripping clean leaving hair feeling light and healthy.

The Review

So, how exactly do waterless shampoos and conditioners work? Surprisingly, it’s not that different from other formulas or hard to use. Dispense your recommended “dose”—which is about an inch long strip of the product depending on hair length—and activate it with water in your hands. My hair is short but curly, dry, and thick so I, like most people with curly hair, usually use more than the recommended amount. 

Activating it takes about five seconds of rubbing it in your hands with water before applying it to your hair. Once it was activated, I rubbed it into my hair like any other shampoo, expecting to have to add more to get it to lather—but it expanded into a full sudsy, lather anyway. You need a lot less product than you think. I really liked the foamy lather; I find that a lot of sulfate-free shampoos, while great, don’t have that familiar lather, which Everist is able to provide via a coconut oil-derived surfactant. Post-wash, my hair and scalp felt clean, but not stripped, and the shampoo had tackled product buildup from my protective style. 

The conditioner is a similar process—dispense your dose and activate it in your hands. While I enjoyed the shampoo, I found the conditioner a bit harder to use because it didn’t have as much slip as I prefer to help detangle my hair. After washing, I think the biggest difference I noticed in my hair was that my scalp didn’t feel tight or dry—my hair also feeling soft was just a bonus. I'm looking forward to several more washes with this foamy shampoo.

You can grab the Waterless Shampoo Concentrate and the Waterless Conditioner Concentrate now at

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