Exclusive: Why Eva Mendes Loves Walgreens and Doesn't Care About Being Thin


Amanda Schwab/StarPix/REX/Shutterstock

What do you do when Eva Mendes tells you that you have a beautifully shaped face? You smile, say thank you in disbelief, pinch yourself, and continue to listen intently to every tip, trick, and word of beauty wisdom that comes out of her mouth. I recently sat down with the actress in a spacious suite at The London in West Hollywood, where we discussed everything from cream blush and hair health to what makes her drugstore brand, Circa, so special.

For those of you wondering what it’s like to come face to face with the brunette bombshell, we can certainly report back that she’s even more stunning in person (we didn’t know it was humanly possible). There’s something about Mendes, and it’s not just her acting skills or the fact that she’s started a family with one of our biggest Hollywood crushes, Ryan Gosling. She’s the kind of woman who truly wants to make a difference in others’ lives, and with Circa (available at Walgreens), she’s offering high-quality beauty products at an attainable cost. It’s evident she genuinely cares about her brand, understands her products, and is extremely knowledgeable about makeup application. Ahead, learn how to accentuate your upper lip, properly test foundation shades, and more tricks of the trade à la Mendes.


BYRDIE: What sets Circa apart from other drugstore beauty brands?

EVA MENDES: So many things. The quality formula for sure, and the beautiful packaging. It’s just stunning. That combination doesn’t exist in drugstores, and I’m so proud to have Circa out there. I grew up not only shopping at drugstores for pretty much everything—skincare, cosmetics, household products—and I live two blocks from a Walgreens, so for me, it’s really important to have that available because we can now. When I was growing up, it certainly wasn’t cool to have things at a discounted price or to have something at mass level. There was no H&M—it wasn’t cool yet—so the fact that it is now, and that people really understand that you don’t have to pay a lot for things that are quality—I think that’s really exciting.

BYRDIE: Of all the items in your collection, which would you consider your go-tos?

EM: Definitely the cream blush—our cream blushes are so luxurious. Portofino is my favorite color. It blends really nicely, and it layers really beautifully too. I use that on my lips at times. It’s one of my must-have products. We also have the Magic Illuminator. It gives a little glow, but it’s not too much; it’s just that perfect amount. And you can use that pretty much anywhere. I really like this trick that my makeup artist taught me: She puts just a little bit right here on my Cupid’s bow. It really accentuates the upper lip.