The 18 Best Makeup Looks From "Euphoria" by MUA Doniella Davy

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The cast of Euphoria gave us nothing short of endless inspiration to start creating some of the most disruptive makeup looks we've seen yet. From perfectly placed gemstones to neon lids and tears full of glitter, it's a safe bet that abstract makeup trends have skyrocketed since Rue, Cassie, Maddy, Kat, and Jules came into our lives. Ahead, We've curated a round-up of the very best makeup looks from Euphoria's first season, created by makeup artist Doniella Davy. Spoiler: You'll need to pull out the eyelash glue as soon as possible.

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Dash of Red Pepper

Kat's makeup needed to match her feisty attitude, which is why this sharp red hot eyeliner look suits her well. When wanting to get a fine line like the one she's wearing, it's best to use a liquid eyeliner that has a tiny brush on the application wand. The smaller the brush is, the more precise you'll be able to get with creating the inner line on the bottom lashline. You can use the same liquid liner to create the dot she's wearing right above her cheekbone.

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Iridescent Red Eyes

Crying orange neon tears like Jules instead of boring, regular ones would be more fun, but this iridescent framed red eye makeup look is just as good. The bright gold stick-on decals in the corner of the eyes add a color contrast that adds dimension to the whole look. Use a red eyeliner and shadow, blending it around the entire eyes, top, and bottom. Finish by placing the decals in the inner corners of both eyes.

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Lashing Out

Life would be so much more fun if we were able to wear these falsies to work, don't you think? They are more than pretty to look at, and definitely a conversation piece. To wear this look yourself, you just need a special occasion (or not, really) along with the eyelashes and quality lash glue. Apply glue to the base of eyelashes and press on the top and bottom lashline.

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Covered in Gems

No one will forget when Cassie debuted this peacock inspired eye look while totally covered in gems. The teal and sapphire blue stones outlining the eyes are simply gorgeous. If you're feeling up to the challenge, re-create this look on yourself using stick-on gemstones, along with a mix of teal and blue eyeshadow on the lids.

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Indigo Eyes

Maddy loved to rock purple eyeshadow and honestly, we love her for that. This gallery of her best purple looks has us wanting to reach for our violet, lilac and plum shadows instantly. Seeing as gemstones are an underlying theme in many of Euphoria's makeup looks, it's a good idea to have a nice assortment of them on hand, if you plan on practicing more than one look. Apply purple shadow to the lids, press on some false lashes and finish with a generous application of gems.

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Gold Foiled Angel

A romantic look that's also slightly goth, the gold foil detail paired with delicate pastel pink eyes and lips is everything our makeup dreams are made of. Apply the eyeshadow first, and follow up with placing the gold foil in the eyebrows and along the cheekbones after, finishing with a soft pink lip color. When using gold leaf foil, it's best practice to start small and build as you go. Lightly tap the foil onto the skin with your finger or makeup brush for the best results.

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Sky Blue Hues

Bold blue eyeshadow the color of the sky is the kind of statement makeup we loved seeing on Kat during season one. While bold colors might not be your thing, the fact that this is only one shade of blue makes it all the easier to try, so why not give it a shot? Find the boldest, brightest blue shadow you can find and apply on the lids till you're fully satisfied; All you need is a good makeup brush and the Euphoria soundtrack playing in the background.

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Painted Palette

As colorful as an artist's paint palette, the combination of these colors painted on Jules' eyelids is what we're here for. To intensify shadow tones, spray water on your makeup brush before applying them to lids so the color goes on rich and smooth. Start by choosing a few shades you want to wear and apply each color carefully starting at the inner corners of the eyes and working your way out to the end.

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Hot Neon Wings

Once again, Jules and her hot neon winged lids have us dying to get our hands on anything bright and start painting away. You can use neon eyeshadows to carefully re-create this winged eyeliner look, and if it helps, draw a stencil of the wing shape on the eyes first with a nude eyeliner pencil so you know exactly where everything should go. Need help getting the wing just right? In the end, take a q-tip and swipe it in an upward motion at the edge of the eye; this will help create a sharp line for your wing, along with cleaning up any mistakes.

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Graphic Red Detail

There isn't one eyeshadow look that Maddy didn't 100% slay, and this red liner paired with purple proves it. Apply the liner on the top and bottom of the eyes, and follow up with a purple shadow above the top liner in the crease. Finish with curling the eyelashes and applying lots of volumizing mascara.

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Sparkling Sea of Blue

The iconic makeup look from episode 1 where Jules is seen getting ready, has given us a green light to wear all the blue eye glitter we can get our hands on. Paired with a delicate lip gloss, it's a perfect balance. For the eyeshadow, using a liquid formula that already contains glitter is ideal, as it doesn't require any other work than simply applying it to the eyelid.

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Cherry Popsicle Lids

Watercolored red lids with a soft sheen remind us of a juicy cherry popsicle. Apply a sheer red eyeshadow all over the lid and blend upwards to the brow, this monochromatic look only consists of one color, which is nice and easy. Add winged eyeliner on the top lash line and plenty of mascara to complete the look.

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Patent Leather Sheen

Anywhere there's drama, Maddy is soon to follow, and we can't stop staring at her patent leather lips and glittered-out eyelids. To get the lip look, line your lips in a dark color, then fill them in with lipstick that's a few shades lighter. Top it off with shiny, clear lip gloss and you've made the look your own. For the eyes, you can use a shimmery, silver shadow on the lids.

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Pastel Flowers

The minimal, delicate outline of flowers around Jules' eyes are perfect for anyone who wants to re-create a look from the show but doesn't want to go full out. You can use a pastel eyeliner in any shade you choose, and lightly draw the floral shape around the inner and outer corners of both eyes.

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Lightning Strikes Twice

Rue's lightning bolts on both eyes are a show-stopper, and the holographic decal on the inside adds the ideal touch. For this look, you can use a liquid eyeliner to draw the shape of the bolts on each side of the eyes, and above the crease. Cut a stick-on decal to fit the shape of the bolt and gently press to apply on the inside of the liner.

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Glitter Bomb

A good glitter moment is everything. If you want to try this look, start with a pink glitter shadow (gel, or cream) and press on the lid until it's set and dry. After, you can draw the wing shape with a blue eyeliner ever so lightly, tracing it until the color is bold and the shape is clean.

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Diamonds All Around

Bright teal shadow surrounded by sparkling gemstones is so the vibe, don't you think? You can use tweezers to dip the tiny gemstones in eyelash glue before applying to the face, or if you find some that already have a built-in adhesive, even better. Line the gemstones along with the shape of the shadow until every detail is just right.

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Tears of Glitter and Stars

Rue's famous glitter tears fully equipped with stars were one of the show's most talked-about makeup looks. The tiny star just below the corner of the eye and glitter shadow completed the look, seen in episode 8. All you need is some glittery purple shadow to wear on the eyelids, and then you can adorn your face with stick-on star decals to finish.

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