Euphoria's Lead Hairstylist on Jules's Big Chop—And What to Expect From Season 2

Kim Kimble reveals all.

Hunter Schafer as Jules in Euphoria Season 2

Eddy Chen / HBO

There were more than a few gasp-inducing moments in the Jan. 9 premiere of Euphoria's second season. Without giving too much away, it was a heated hour-plus of television—Rue and Jules around the fire! Fez's grandma! Cassie in the tub! But as group text-worthy as the episode's shocking moments were, they still compete with the show's masterful styling, makeup, and hair for attention. Much has been made of the "Euphoria aesthetic" since the series became an overnight phenomenon in 2019, and its impact on hordes of millennial and Gen Z viewers can't be discounted. Glittery abstract makeup, bubble ponytails, colorful hairstreaks, and lots of press-on jewels help Euphoria enjoy its perch at the top of the pop culture food chain—and Kim Kimble is responsible for much of that influence.

Kim Kimble joins Euphoria season two as lead hairstylist, but her name is one many fans are already familiar with. Kimble is something of a modern legend in the beauty world, with a highly successful eponymous line built on her decades of Hollywood hairstyling. Working with everyone from Beyoncé and Shakira to Halle Berry (and even Euphoria's own Zendaya). After conquering so many milestones, Kimble's work on the series reinforces what a cultural force the show has become. Now, ahead of the highly-anticipated second season, Kimble talks to Byrdie all about her process, favorite characters, and what really goes into making the coolest show on TV.

Alexa Demie as Maddy in Euphoria Season 2

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On Her Creative Planning Proces

"I do it all. I consult with the production team—specifically with the director, Sam Levinson—to create mood boards. And I consult with costume, makeup, and the actors.

"We always bring a lot of editorial flavor and put it into TV. We want to bring elements of fashion and glam into a show like Euphoria. But, the difference is that editorial is flat. When it comes to television, everything is in HD, we have to factor in lighting, and make sure we have nice colors, texture, and dimension. Otherwise, it will just look like a blob of hair. It has to look great at every angle."

Zendaya as Rue in Euphoria Season 2

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Her Favorite Euphoria Characters To Style

"They all had their own unique qualities when it came to hair. Rue rocked the natural hair, and it looks so cool on her. For Maddy, we did a lot of baby hair and put so much detail into her cute buns and sweet hairstyles. Cassie went through a lot of changes to show her emotional state, and that was exciting to showcase her journey. Jules had the biggest transformation and that was fun to do. We did a '90s textured bob on her. 

"Each person has their own style. For example, Lexi has a quirky style. With Kitty, Fezco's grandma, Sam said, "I want her to have a peroxide bleach blonde and look like she goes to Whitesnake concerts," and we brought that vision to life. There was also a guy [in episode one] who has a tussle with Kitty, called "Bowl Cut," and we gave him a bowl cut and a mullet—we called it the "Bullet." We wanted to make sure they had their own identity style and reflect their journey."

Barbie Ferreira as Kat in Euphoria Season 2

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What the Euphoria Aesthetic Is To Her—And How To Get It

"Waves, lots of textured waves. We incorporated baby hairs, tendrils, and added braids into styles. I think that Euphoria has its own style—it is an effortless style. If I could sum it up in a phrase: It looks like it isn't thought out, but it was intentional."

"We used a lot of Edge Taming Pomade ($13) for baby hairs and slick back looks, 2-Inch Flat Iron ($40) to create styles ranging from straight to waves, and lots of dry shampoo to create texture. To get the look at home, I suggest loose-effort waves, which you can achieve with a flat iron. Pomade is really great for polishing the hair, adding accents around the hairline."

Sydney Sweeney as Cassie in Season 2

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Her Favorite On-Set Memory

"I don't want to give too much away, but there was a big party scene. A little fun fact: my son was the background extra, so getting to go work on set was so special for me. And he gets to see what his mom does all day!"

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