5 Handmade Soap Companies to Check Out on Etsy

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Handmade soap can make a wonderful gift or a great accent to your own bathroom. Plenty of people make soap and sell it on Etsy and oftentimes they are made with all natural and organic ingredients from local vendors. So you can feel good about the soap companies you're supporting as well as the environmental impacts they are making. If you're looking for a great brand, look no further than these outstanding Etsy soap companies.

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MadCity Soap


MadCity Soap Company is based out of Madison, Wisconsin and has over 15,000 positive ratings on Etsy. The company specializes in all things scented, from creamy soaps to solid perfumes, and even sugar scrubs. With scents like Lemon Curd, Lavender Marshmallow, and Mango Lime Martini, you can be sure to find something that will make your mouth water.

Each cream soap comes in a beautiful, bright shade, so you can choose one that matches your bathroom or buy themed soaps for each holiday.

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Looking for unusual soap items for yourself or a gift? Make LoveLeeSoaps your first stop on Etsy. The company is based out of Daytona Beach, Florida and has more than 15,000 positive reviews, having sold over 42,000 soaps.

LoveLeeSoaps creates the most realistic food-shaped soaps we've ever seen. They have varieties that mimic sweet treats like donuts, candy, macarons, and cupcakes and savory foods like french fries, peanuts, pickles, and hot dogs.

They also make soaps that look like animals, makeup, Legos, and gnomes. If you're looking for a quirky soap to give to someone, look no further.

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Sunbasil GardenSoap

Sun Basil Garden Soap 

The glycerin soaps from Sunbasil in Middletown, Delaware are simply stunning. They are made with bold colors and graphic shapes—they even have soaps made to look like cacti, mermaid tails, and pineapples.

The company has sold over 45,000 products and has more than 18,000 positive reviews. It's a solid (pardon the pun) choice for the artistic set.

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SpaGoddess Apothecary

SpaGoddess Apothecary

SpaGoddess Apothecary, formerly known as Angel Face Botanicals from Mount Shasta, California, is an Etsy favorite for many. In April 2019, the company revamped with a new website, new look, and new products while still keeping fan favorites in the mix.

The entire line is made sans petroleum, silicones, sulfates, phthalates, or parabens. Bonus: Everything is naturally-colored and scented.

When describing how she feels about her company's mission, owner Jessica Ress says, "It’s infinitely rewarding to use botanicals as my palate—co-creating with the plants in a blissful state of mindfulness, healing, and gratitude."

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Tsunami Suds


Tsunami Suds is a small, family-run soap company based in Portland, Oregon , but it might be one of the most popular soap companies on Etsy. The brand has sold over 61,000 products and has nearly 40,000 positive reviews on the site.

The company offers a variety of soaps with unique ingredients like Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and olive oil, as well as alcohol-inspired scents like Absinthe and Grapefruit Bellini. They also offer sweet, cozy scents such as toasted marshmallow and pumpkin bread.

In addition to soap, Tsunami Suds also sells room sprays, lip balms, and perfumes in sweet, dessert-inspired scents.

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