Etsy Secretly Has the Best Summer Products: Here Are 13 You Should Buy

As beauty consumers increasingly become more concerned with natural formulas and brand transparency, indie beauty retailers like Etsy are making a bigger name for themselves in the beauty space. Etsy's beauty marketplace now produces over 6.5 million results, and recently, we were poking around through some of that makeup and skincare and were amazed at the high-quality natural products we found. "On Etsy, searches for natural beauty products have increased 130% in the last year, and sellers are focused on helping buyers celebrate what they love about themselves," an Etsy brand insider told us. "Added bonus: When shopping for beauty products on Etsy, you're buying from a real person, which means real transparency. You can ask questions about ingredients and perhaps have the opportunity to customize for your needs or preferences."

Impressed by Etsy's selection, we were inspired to round up 13 intriguing summer beauty products you should consider buying. From crystal-infused face oil to shower steamers, these are the indie summer beauty picks we recommend.