The World’s First Anti-Aging Chocolate Is Here

The beauty supplement business is booming. Want thicker hair, firmer skin, or stronger nails? There’s pill, powder, or liquid for it all. And now there’s another supplement form to add to the list—chocolate. For 10 years, some British scientists have been tirelessly working to make our dreams come true. They succeeded with Esthechoc, also know as “Cambridge beauty chocolate,” and chocolate-loving beauty fanatics rejoiced—chocolate-loving beauty fanatics in the UK, that is. Until recently, a girl had to find her way to Harrods in order to get her hands on the sweet stuff. Now it’s available in the U.S., though it is quickly flying off the shelves. Intrigued? Keep reading for all the details on the world’s first anti-aging chocolate!

If anti-aging chocolate is too steep for you, try one of our other favorite supplements. Would you try Esthechoc? Tell us below!