How This Parisian Makeup Artist Uses American Beauty Products

Parisian native and Estée Lauder Global Beauty Director Violette oozes that effortless It-girl thing from every pore. She began painting and studying art at the age of 3 and later fell in love with makeup's artistic element—seeing every woman as a muse. "Even when I put creative makeup on a woman, it has to be because she's a source of inspiration. She never disappears behind it; she's celebrated," Violette explains. It's that thought process that has had Byrdie editors following her every move for months. Her Instagram, her makeup style, and her willingness to experiment are basically our morning mantra.

Rather than teaching women how to improve upon themselves, Violette aims to "forget traditional beauty codes" and encourages women to celebrate their femininity, enjoying the rituals, habits, and quiet moments of self-care that are an inherent aspect of beauty. As such, she launched a YouTube channel where she shares French-girl beauty musings to help us all connect with our own je ne sais quoi (hey, it's a cliché for a reason, non?). "French-girl beauty" is one of the most searched terms, after all. The thing is you certainly don't have to be a French makeup artist to pull it off—you don't even need to have access to French products. Below, Violette reveals the American products she uses and how she applies each one.