An Essie VP Names the Best Mani-Pedi Polish Pairings for Summer

Do you ever stand in front of the rows and rows of polish at the nail salon for an obscene amount of time trying to decide what to dress up your digits with? This is a battle we fight constantly.

I should do a pinkish nude. No, maybe coral. Actually—navy might look cute, but is it too dark for summer?

That's generally the internal conversation we have while the nail technician patiently waits for us to decide. (Do you think they get extremely annoyed with the customers? We get it.) Champagne problems, we know, but it's truly tough to pick the perfect color without monotonously defaulting to the same color (we've dubbed her Old Faithful). Especially when it comes to choosing the perfect mani-pedi pairing, we might as well pay rent to the salon, because we're going to be there for a loooong time.

Thankfully, Essie's lead celebrity manicurist, Michelle Saunders, put together some summer pairings to make the task a whole lot easier. Using Essie's core shades, its new Gel Couture line, and brand-new neon shades (out later this month on, Saunders has curated eight gorgeous pairings that veer from vibrant to neutral to pastel and beyond. Keep scrolling to find your next mani and pedi shades!

Mint candy apple and couture creator Essie nail polish combo

For those who love pretty pastel shades (especially ones that look good enough to eat—does this pairing scream cantaloupe to anyone else?), Mint Candy Apple ($9) and Couture Creator ($12) are a perfect pair. 

Midnight Cami Make the Cut Essie Nail Polish Combo

It's true—you can wear deep shades in the summertime. Juxtapose the shimmery deepness of Midnight Cami ($9) with a nude greige color like Make the Cut ($12). 

Madison ave hue Model citizen Essie Nail polish Combo

These colors are very similar, but Madison Ave-Hue ($9) is more of a Barbie hot pink, where Model Citizen ($12) is a lighter version of the hue—a pretty (and not perfectly matched) complement, if you ask us. 

Beauty Marked Sheer Fantasy Essie Color Combination

This pairing screams beach vacation to us. Beauty Marked ($12) is a bright, fiery crimson that plays perfectly off the playful, beachy nude tone of Sheer Fantasy ($12). 

The Fuschia of Art and Gallery Gal Essie Nail Polish Combination

Well not yet available, these eye-popping vibrant tones from Essie's new neon collection will surely make a statement this season and well into the cooler months.

Viva Antigua and Coconut Cove Essie Nail Polish Combination

For a completely tropical pairing, try Viva Antigua ($9), an iridescent turquoise on your toes and Coconut Cove ($9), an opaque, creamy white on your digits.

Loot the Booty and Bikini So Teeny Essie Nail Polish Combination

No need to feel blue with these fun-loving colors (and equally fun-loving names). Show off your twinkly toes in sparkly Loot the Booty ($9) and sport some baby blues on your fingernails with Bikini So Teeny ($9). 

Pinned Up and Sand Tropez Essie Nail Polish Combination

This dusty rose pedi color is aptly named Pinned Up ($9) for its 1920s vibes. Pair that with Sand Tropez ($9), a perfect opaque nude shade, and you've got a winning vintage-esque combo.

What's your favorite shade to wear in the summertime? What do you like to pair it with? Sound off below!

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