The Queen of England Has Been Wearing This $9 Nail Polish Since 1989

the queen in a coral jacket and lipstick

The Queen is someone who in many ways is a style icon. She's been noted for her handbags, her love of bold colours and her ability to always match her umbrella to her outfit (seriously, it's uncanny—Google even says so). Her style might not be something that we could ever see ourselves emulating (well, not until we're nonagenarians ourselves perhaps), but she's always impeccably dressed.

So we can imagine, if you're constantly having to dress for various occasions, the last thing you need to worry about is whether your nail polish matches your co-ord. Thing is, the Queen knows this. She's a smart lady, which is why she's stuck to the same iconic nail polish color for the past 28 years, and it only costs $9. Keep scrolling to find out which nail polish the Queen wears and why we think it's so incredible…

Essie Nail Lacquer in Ballet Slippers $8

The nail polish that the Queen wears is apparently Essie's Ballet Slippers. According to Allure, back in 1989, the Queen's hairdresser "wrote a letter to nail polish Queen Essie Weingarten" to ask for a bottle. And she's been wearing it ever since.

If you're not acquainted with this hue, allow us to explain its lasting popularity. The neutral pink shade isn't too thick and not too thin. Think how much you love your favorite tinted moisturiser and how brilliant it is at giving just the right amount of coverage—that's Ballet Slipper. It's essentially painting your nails a nail color so it makes your nails look flawless. Now can you see why the polish is so loved by the UK's monarch? P.s. It's only $9, so what are you waiting for?

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