5 Ways You’ve Never Used Your Essential Oils

You smell them, you wear them, but your essential oils can do so much more, beyond providing olfactory delight. Essential oil guru and founder of H. Gillerman Organics, Hope Gillerman, calls them “very effective problem solvers,” and we asked her to share some examples. Keep reading to find all of the wonderful uses your essential oils have in store for you!

As a Natural Deodorant

After your shower, put a few drops of essential oil or essential oil blend in your underarms. “The shower opens up your pores, so your skin will absorb the oils into the lymph nodes in your armpit for instant detoxing,” Gillerman says. Use grapefruit, bay laurel, or lavender essential oil (like L’Occitane’s Aromachologie Relaxing Essential Oil Blend ($16) as a chemical-free deodorant.

To Have a Better Pedicure

Ever feel a little wary of dipping your feet into the basin at the nail salon? Gillerman has the solution. Dab an anti-fungal oil between your toes before your next pedicure for a worry-free soak. Plus, the minute your feet hit the warm, bubbling bath, you’ve amped up your pedi to a full-fledged aromatherapy treatment. Try lemongrass, cedarwood, clary sage, cinnamon or clove, like Doterra’s Clove Essential Oil ($21).

To Flatten Your Stomach

The right essential oils can banish bloat. “Reduce bloating with peppermint in a blend, like H. Gillerman Organics’ Clear Mind Tension Remedy ($48),” Gillerman says. “Place four to six drops (depending on skin sensitivity) in a circle around your belly button, and smooth it in with one light stroke—no need to massage it in.”

To Keep Your Closet Fresh

Make stepping into your closet an enjoyable experience with the help of essential oil. Gillerman suggests sprinkling 1/4 teaspoon geranium essential oil onto a tea towel and hanging it in your closet. Your clothes will always smell fresh, and you’ll feel relaxed every time you open your closet. Try Young Living’s Geranium Essential Oil ($55).

As a Detoxifier

Lemon water is great, but juicing a lemon isn’t always an option. One to two drops of organic lemon essential oil in your water will do the trick too. It detoxes your liver, levels out your blood sugar, and acts a mild diuretic. “In water, bitter orange, tangerine, and mandarin also aid digestion,” Gillerman says. To safely reap the benefits, just stick with essential oils citrus fruits only. Try Starwest Botanicals’ Lemon Essential Oil Organic ($39).

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