7 Essential Oils That Might Fix Your Rosacea

Get Byrdie HQ talking about essential oils (plus all of our favorite diffusers) and more likely than not, you'll have a difficult time ceasing our excited chatter. Yep, we're just that passionate. After all, not only do our collections of essential oils provide an opportunity for relaxing creativity, but they can also boost our energy, improve our sleep, and even provide a positive bump in our mood and focus. Coffee who?

What's more, if used strategically (please don't dump any old pure essential oil straight on your skin—eek!), certain essential oils can provide some much-needed reprieve from aggravating skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, blackheads, and, yes, even rosacea. Of course, some are much better options than others and certain essential oils should be topically avoided altogether (or used in super-small doses!) as they can be irritating and perhaps even harmful to already vulnerable and sensitive skin. For instance, it's recommended to steer clear of mint- and citrus-based oils—especially if you have rosacea. You'll also want to make sure your application is diluted (don't fret; we'll be sharing our go-to guide below) and/or getting your skin-soothing essential oils by way of high-quality and dependable products with other ingredients and carrier oils in the mix as well. (And yes, we have those too!) Ahead, seven essential oils to use for rosacea and the best products we recommend to try them! Keep scrolling.