Essential Oils Are the Natural Way to Alleviate PMS Symptoms—Here's How

When my PMS sets in, I feel irritable, tired, and nauseous. Not to be overly dramatic, but I also feel as if my midsection is being cinched by a vice grip thanks to some pretty intense cramps and lower back aches. I know it's not just me, since I complain about it endlessly to my mom, sister, cousin, friends, and basically anyone else who will lend an unenthusiastic ear to my unsolicited complaining. They understand and commiserate with me. 

If my symptoms are particularly unrelenting, I'll take an Advil, but other than that, there's not much I do. Maybe I'll use a heating pad. Maybe I'll flow through a gentle yoga practice. But that's basically it—until I discovered the anti-PMS powers of essential oils, that is. Now I have a set of all-natural oils in my pain-relieving, calm-inducing arsenal. Keep scrolling to see the essential oils I'm referring to.