5 Pieces Sidia Founder Erin Kleinberg Keeps on Rotation

Consider it a master class on laid-back layering.

Erin Kleinberg wearing a striped caftan

Erin Kleinberg

Erin Kleinberg is a bit of a wunderkind of the fashion industry. After founding online fashion magazine Coveteur, she started her own creative agency, Métier Creative, working to create magic with brands like Chanel and Ferragamo. All the while, Kleinberg was ideating her own brand, Sidia, which has became the unofficial if you know, you know candle of the season in addition to its dreamy caftans and loungewear. Creative genius aside, Kleinberg's own style is a moodboard for many who love to mix their at-home sweatsuits with lavish jewelry or a structured trench.

Below, read about the five fashion essentials that make up Kleinberg's iconic off-duty look.

Erin Kleinberg wearing a green Sidia tracksuit

Erin Kleinberg

"Comfort makes me feel like my best self," Kleinberg shares. "A piece that gives me feeling and comes with memories that transports me back, in order to create a new story for the future." It's no surprise her first pick is Sidia's newly released tracksuit.

"I love that I can wear this set with a ton of jewelry, dope sneakers, good hair and makeup and go anywhere I want and feel like a million bucks. The luxe Tencel organic cotton french terry blend feels like butter, and I’m obsessed with the Italian made yellow gold riri zipper we chose. I’m a zipper snob so that part was pretty critical to me."

Sidia Sidia '74 $220.00
Erin Kleinberg wearing a white robe and gold jewelry

Erin Kleinberg

With personal style icons like Pharrell, "I love how he pairs hoodies with sneakers and drips in jewels while doing it," Jimi Hendrix, André Leon Talley, and Hugh Hefner, it's easy to see where Kleinberg gets her sense of ease in dressing. When it comes to jewels, she's smitten with everyday pieces. "I love the perpetuity of gold, it never goes bad, gets old, acquires value over time, and in a way it carries stories with it from the past if they are heirloom. It feels like my armor in a sense and I love to wear a ton of pieces that were passed down from my grandmother Sidia."

Erin Kleinberg wearing a great sweatsuit and sneakers

Erin Kleinberg

Some people get dressed and grab shoes on their way out the door. Not the case here. While Kleinberg doesn't identify as a sneakerhead, per se, she is an avid collector and wearer. Her recent favorite? Nike x Sacai. "They go with everything and I always get compliments!"

Nike Air Max Pre-Day Safari mesh and textured-leather sneakers $140.00
Erin Kleinberg wearing a trenchcoat in a sunny setting

Erin Kleinberg

Her trademark outerwear, a trench coat, wraps up any outfit and transforms even the simplest of equations into something worth stepping out in. "My signature look is my trench, gold chains, a Sidia Set, and my long beach waves. A trench is just so iconic. You can never go wrong and always look polished even if you’ve just rolled out of bed."

Belted Trench Coat
Cos Belted Trench Coat $250.00
Erin Kleinberg wearing a white skirt and sneakers

Erin Kleinberg

Like any person, Kleinberg can get in the all-too-familiar outfit rut. Her best advice is to get fresh air. "I’m a very visual thinker and learner," she shares. "Sometimes the open air and abstract thoughts create the newness in the mind and soul that I need to vibe in a new way. " If this doesn't work, she takes to her archives. "I’m a hugely nostalgic human, sometimes I go through archives of looks I’ve created in the past to drum up ideas for how to repurpose or recreate moments anew."

One consistent is this Acne coated canvas tote bag, which allows for schlepping candle and fragrance samples in "a sick vessel." In typical E.K. style, this piece takes a basic, like a canvas tote bag, and turns it on its head, turning it into a signature accessory.

White Oilcloth Tote
Acne Studios White Oilcloth Tote $350.00

"When in doubt, I dig deep into the archives of old magazines like the ones I used to style for and dream about other worldliness as a starting point," Kleinberg goes on to share. For her, fashion comes in all sorts of mediums. That explains the world of Sidia, where a caftan fits alongside a towel wrap. Here, relaxation is just another movement of the creative process. Self care gets a much-needed glow up in moody tones and high-quality materials. At the end of the day, Kleinberg shares,
"I don’t put too much pressure on having to reinvent ‘style.’ I find in my 30s it's more about uniform dressing to combat the chaos of life."

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