Erborian’s New "Skin Hero" Acts Like a Blurring Filter IRL [Exclusive]

Plus, it promises better skin in seven days.

Erborian, Skin Hero


Erborian has always been a go-to brand for anyone favoring a no-makeup makeup look. The beauty brand founded by French skincare expert Katalin Berenyi and Korean scientist Hojung Lee combines the best of both French and Korean beauty: the minimalistic French approach coupled with cutting-edge technology from Korea. Thus, it's no surpise the brand's latest launch combines skincare with makeup in yet another innovative way: meet the Skin Hero Bare Skin Perfector ($39).

Erborian, Skin Hero Bare Skin Perfector
Erborian Skin Hero Bare Skin Perfector $39.00

Falling somewhere between a moisturizer, primer, and a skin tint, the new Skin Hero Bare Skin Perfector offers all the benefits of a blurring, illuminating skin tint, minus the tint. It's basically the no-makeup makeup look in a bottle. 

After your first application, expect an instant blurring effect: your skin will look soft, smooth, and hydrated. Beyond this, the Skin Perfector also promises better-looking skin in just seven days. Key ingredients include Korean white ginseng and enzymes that help smooth texture and brighten skin, as well as soothe redness. After a full week of applying daily expect smoother, more radiant, and even skin.

The formula is silicone-free, so you can rest easy knowing it won't be clogging your pores, and free of mineral oil and other potential allergens or irritants. The tint-free cream has a smooth texture that glides on and blends just as easily as your moisturizer or primer.


Chinea Rodriguez

Chinea Rodriguez

"I’ve barely worn makeup out this past year because even my favorite products are leaving me prone to maskne. In the event that I do take off my mask (safely, of course) I still want my skin to have that glow, even if I’m not wearing my concealer or foundation, so this seemed perfect. First impression: it blurred some of the large pores around my nose and corrected some redness. It has a slightly matte finish and while I prefer a dewier look, this isn’t anything I can’t fix with a glossy highlighter tapped on my cheekbones. The formula is thicker than a moisturizer but still leaves my skin feeling moisturized and smooth, without feeling too heavy. Over time the differences were subtle, but I like it as a quick fix. Very few things can withstand my hormonal acne and with this, my skin didn’t look like it was in the midst of a breakout. It also didn't cause any new mask-related breakouts, which is a huge plus." — Chinea Rodriguez, news contributor


Lindsey Metrus

"'Skin perfector' is a certainly not a mass skincare category, so I was confused at first about this product's identity. Is it a primer? An exfoliator? Turns out 'perfector' is a pretty accurate name, as it works to help your skin look its best by smoothing the surface, blurring fine lines, and enhancing your skin's overall clarity. I actually caught my reflection one day recently and marveled at how even and smooth my skin looked, racking my brain for the cause, only to realize that the sole factor I'd changed in my routine was adding this product. Sure, 'perfect' skin shouldn't be glorified—all skin is beautiful no matter what—but if you're looking to help boost your complexion's current condition and help it look its healthiest, this product is key." — Lindsey Metrus, editorial projects director

You can grab the Skin Hero Bare Skin Perfector at and Ulta.

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