I Tried the New Body-Contouring Device Emsculpt, and Now I Have Actual Abs

Everyone has a certain body part they tend to fixate on. Mine has always been my stomach. Some people gain weight to their thighs or butt or arms, but for me, any time I tend to really let myself go (which, to be honest, is often—my love affair with pasta is probably my longest-standing relationship), I’ll look down and see what can only be described as a soft and bloaty situation. As someone whose exercise routine can best be described as lackadaisical and infrequent, I've more or less given up on having a stomach that resembles anything close to EmRata status. Thus, when I got an email about a brand-new FDA-cleared body-contouring treatment called BTL Emsculpt that promises to not only burn fat but also build muscle in the ab area, I threw down my cacio e pepe mid-bite and set up an appointment immediately.