Emmy Rossum Tried 50 Curly-Hair Products so You Don't Have To

When I interviewed Emmy Rossum last fall, her signature curls were blown out and shaped into smooth waves. In recent months, this was the actress's go-to style—rarely did we see the full, bouncy curls she'd worn in her Phantom of the Opera days. But that's the trouble with heat-styling naturally curly hair—eventually, they start to lose their vitality, something Rossum took note of and is now adamant to reverse. 

In an effort to find the perfect curl rehab routine, Rossum took to Instagram asking for product recommendations, citing she'd be sharing her (hopeful) successes with the world: "I am the guinea pig for all products so you don't have to buy and try, I'll do it for you will report my findings when I am super duper sure."

Well, friends, it appears that after more than 50 different product trials (seriously), she's essentially perfected her routine (so much that she was even able to garner a few virgin-esque ringlets). Below, take a look at the products she credits for her now-bouncy coils.