Emma Roberts Just Debuted "Tiramisu Blonde" Hair

Expect to see the shade everywhere this winter.

Emma Roberts Tiramisu Blonde Hair

Nikki Lee

Mushroom, chocolate, strawberry, caramel—no, this isn’t a recipe for a questionable dessert, but rather a handful of foods that have been used to describe hair colors over the years. The latest dish to enter the hair color conversation is tiramisu, more specifically Emma Roberts’s “holiday hue tiramisu” highlights, courtesy of hairstylist and co-owner of Nine Zero One Salon in Los Angeles, Nikki Lee.

Roberts is no stranger to blonde, and has had light hair for the majority of her acting career. Just this September, the actress was spotted at the Hulu Tell Me Lies screening with almost-platinum blonde hair that extended down to her waist. The cut and color were perfect for the warmer months since its buttery tone and extra length added an overall brightness to her look.

Emma Roberts with blonde hair


As the weather cooled down, Roberts and Lee worked together to cool down her hair color as well—but not in a traditional way. Instead of dying Roberts’s entire head a darker color for the winter, Lee added lowlights throughout Roberts's hair and deepened the root color for a “holiday hue tiramisu” shade, as Lee describes it. Roberts paired her new hair color with an ornate yellow coat, sheer black dress, and rosy lips for a look that proves that this hair looks great with a classic fall palette.

Emma Roberts Tiramisu blonde hair

Nikki Lee

So, why tiramisu? Although this hair color is missing horizontal highlights that would truly resemble the layers of a tiramisu cake, we see why this hair color is named as such. This color job features dark roots that are reminiscent of the top espresso layer of tiramisu cake, whereas the contrasting bright blonde and lowlights resemble the color difference between the lady finger and mascarpone cheese layers inside a tiramisu cake.

"Holiday hue tiramisu is a great switch up for all the blondies out there,” says Lee. “Instead of feeling like you need to tone down for fall/winter, add some rich depth at the root and a few lowlights like I did on Emma here. It allows you to keep all the rest of your bright blonde pieces. It’s a fun, subtle change and gives your hair a little break too."

Emma Roberts tiramisu blonde hair

Nikki Lee

Plus, not only do these roots add depth to your current blonde color, but it also prolongs your color job if you have naturally dark hair (any root grow-out will blend into the deep espresso layer). If you don’t want to give up on your bright blonde color just yet, take a note from Roberts and dip into this dessert-inspired hair color for the cooler months.

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