Emma Roberts Is the Unflinchingly Honest Beauty Muse We Need Right Now

Constantly changing up your beauty look requires a certain time commitment, not to mention a certain amount of confidence to own it. So it’s to Emma Roberts’s credit that she makes her chameleonic ways look positively effortless. That might be because, for the actress, embracing a new hair color—which she does regularly, by the way—isn’t too different from sliding into a new role. “I definitely have different attitudes with each hair color,” she tells Byrdie co-founder Hillary Kerr while shooting for our sister brand Who What Wear’s Spring Issue. And isn’t that kind of escapism one of the best parts of beauty?

This attitude certainly translates well to her day job. “I really, really loved having that long blond hair on Scream Queens,” she says. “It brought me so much into the character of Chanel. And it was something I’d never done before. I felt like that show was such a new chapter of my life, and it was so fun to have this super-blond, long, girly hair.”

The day of her interview, Roberts’s hair is a vibrant shade of auburn—a hue she describes as a nod to both Drew Barrymore and ’90s-era Julia Roberts. “My Best Friend’s Wedding is my favorite movie of hers,” Emma says of her aunt. “I love her look in it.” Even now, she says, she’s pushing her own hair up to add volume and emulate that iconic style a bit.