This Brit Model Shares Her Complete Health and Fitness Routine

Emma Louise Connolly interview: Emma in a boxing gym
Emma Louise Connolly/Nike

There are some models who don’t work out and eat what they want, but Emma Louise Connolly is different. Sure, she was blessed with the kind of genetics we’d give our right arm for, but she works hard to make sure her body looks the best it can. Plus, being a busy model who jets from continent to continent, she has learnt some mindfulness techniques and healthy snacking strategies that keep her feeling and looking her best both in mind and body. We caught up with the model to talk all things wellness: Keep scrolling for some great advice you can incorporate at home.

Emma Louise Connolly interview: Emma using battle ropes at the gym
Emma Louise Connolly/Nike

BYRDIE UK: What does a typical workout week look like for you?

EMMA LOUISE CONNOLLY: I try to work out between three and four times a week. I mix it up with reformer Pilates, which I adore, as I feel like I get a good core workout while stretching out my muscles. I know it sounds silly, but I feel like I’m working out while lying down. It’s a much more chilled flow that really challenges the muscles without feeling too sweaty and intense. I combine that with HIIT and spin classes for a good mix of workouts. I also really love yoga—I find it really keeps me chilled.

BYRDIE UK: You look like you naturally have a great figure—what are your main motivators for working out?

ELC: I am a massive foodie and do feel like I have to work out to balance the two! I really enjoy feeling healthy from the inside out and challenging myself, I guess that motivates me. I find that when I work out, it really centres me and keeps my mind chilled.

BYRDIE UK: Have you discovered anything new in wellness lately?

ELC: I’ve recently signed onto a new program called Phycore. It’s an amazing medically led wellness service that brings together doctors, nutritionists, fitness instructors and mentors to give you an integrated wellness program. I really rate it!

BYRDIE UK: What is your go-to outfit for working out?

ELC: I always wear leggings, a sports bra and a breathable T-shirt, which is removed pretty quickly! I love my new Nike Free TR7 trainers, which are so comfy but give me great support.

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BYRDIE UK: How do you fit working out into your busy schedule?

ELC: If I don’t do it first thing in the morning, I ain’t doing it. I love having my nights in being cosy, so if it’s not 7 a.m., it’s not happening. I also find it really kicks off my day in the best way.

BYRDIE UK: Any tips for how to work out when our readers don’t feel motivated?

ELC: Sometimes I find the hardest bit is actually getting up and getting into some gym clothes. When I’m not feeling very motivated, I YouTube a workout and do it at home. Don’t push yourself if you aren’t feeling like it. I think it’s important to have a good attitude towards working out.

BYRDIE UK: How do you stay fit when travelling?

ELC: I do find this pretty difficult. Most hotels have gyms, and if not, I do a YouTube workout in the room. Or a morning/evening run on the beach is always great. A beautiful view while working out makes it that little bit easier.

BYRDIE UK: Are there any supplements you swear by? Any pre or post-workout supplements?

ELC: I absolutely love WelleCo protein (£48). As a woman, I find it pretty difficult to find a protein for after my workout that doesn’t make me feel really heavy. It’s vegan and really light but is packed full of the good stuff.

BYRDIE UK: Your complexion is incredible. How do you keep it looking so healthy?

ELC: Thank you. I try and drink a lot of water. I also swear by SkinCeuticals skin products (the Blemish + Age Cleansing Gel (£37) is out of this world). I also have a facial every six weeks from an absolutely incredible woman called Sunita at Paul Edmonds in Knightsbridge. She has absolutely changed my skin!

BYRDIE UK: Any body products or treatments you swear by?

ELC: I love Charlotte Tilbury Super Model Body (£45). It gives the skin a really great glow without being too full on. I always moisturise with Jo Malone Body Crème (£52) every morning. It smells so great.

Emma Louise Connolly interview: Emma in a boxing gym
Emma Louise Connolly/Nike

BYRDIE UK: Do you do anything holistic to help keep stress-free?

ELC: I am a really big yogi. I find it is the exercise of the mind! I try to meditate but I have quite a busy head and really struggle. I sometimes use a really great app called Headspace, which is sort of guided meditation. I listen to it on the tube in the morning.

BYRDIE UK: Do you follow a diet at all?

ELC: Fresh Fitness Food is my saviour! I really struggled before I started my FFF journey to maintain a healthy diet while shooting in different studios and countries every week. But FFF delivers three meals (plus a healthy pud!) to my house every morning before 6 a.m. They are amazing pre-made delicious meals catered to my body goals and needs. They figure out all of my macros and calories, and I really can’t big it up enough—it is amazing.

BYRDIE UK: And finally, are there any healthy snacks you would recommend?

ELC: I completely love Hippeas. They are chickpea puffs and so yummy. I also just really love watermelon. Simple and delish.

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