This Is How Glossier's Founder Starts and Ends Her Day

Welcome to our brand-new series Wonder Women. This month and beyond, we’re profiling the women who inspire us and we’re asking them to share the secrets to their success—how they keep motivated, think positive and strive towards their goals. No one’s perfect, remember, so we’ll be encouraging them to share the strategies they employ whenever anxiety kicks in or life’s stresses have got them down. Life is a journey, we’re all a work in progress and these wonder women can help guide us. This week, Glossier founder Emily Weiss reveals the first and last hour of her day, plus her go-to beauty routine.

This Is How Glossier's Founder Starts and Ends Her Day

There’s something incredibly alpha about Emily Weiss, the 34-year-old American CEO of Glossier. Glossier is arguably the biggest beauty brand in the world right now, and Weiss has been compared to the late, great Estée Lauder, so it’s little wonder that she’s so efficient.

She’s efficient, of course, with everything from the way she organizes her schedule to the way she edits her beauty products. So it’s no surprise that Glossier is relatively concise in its product offering, each launching with thought and insight from the incredibly engaged followers of the brand.

“My beauty routine is kinda like what you would expect. I am very edited. I’m pretty ruthless when it comes to evaluating products whether that’s our own or someone else’s,” she tells me. “Once a beauty editor, always a beauty editor.”

“My routine is Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser ($18) or Tracie Martyn Amla Purifying Cleanser ($65). In the morning, I’ll use Tracie Martyn as it’s gently exfoliating, and at night I’ll use Milky Jelly to take off the day and my mascara. I use Glossier Priming Moisturiser Rich ($35), especially in winter, as it’s the best most luxurious face cream I’ve ever tried. It’s perfect.

“I use Glossier Stretch Concealer in G9 ($18) around my nose, under my eyes and across the middle of my forehead, and then I blend it out like foundation. I’ll tap some Glossier Wowder ($22) on top. Glossier Boy Brow in Brown ($16) in my eyebrows. Then, if I want a little more definition, I’ll use a liner from Tom Ford or Marc Jacobs in black just a little bit.

“On my cheeks, I use Glossier Cloud Paint ($18); I mix Dusk and Beam together for the perfect color. Glossier Haloscope in Moonstone ($22). There are three of them: Quartz is a pearl finish, Topaz is a gold bronzer, and Moonstone is my favorite because it has the most truly wet look. Apply it across the cheekbones and under your eyebrows—it’s, like, wet-looking.

“Lips Glossier Balm Dotcom in Coconut or Birthday ($12 each). Birthday is, like, weirdly addicting. It’s not juvenile. You think it will be, but it’s [really not]. I use Christophe Robin haircare. The Cleansing Purifying Scrub With Sea Salt ($53) is great, and the Glossier Body Hero Daily Oil Wash ($18). Kim Kardashian-West Instagrammed that she liked it, and we didn’t pay her. She’s also a big fan of the Glossier Soothing Face Mist ($15).”

Body Hero Oil Wash
Glossier Body Hero Oil Wash $18

“There’s something quite fascinating about how efficient and successful people bookend their day." Weiss starts her morning meditating. “The first hour is meditation. I wake up every morning and do 20 minutes of Vedic meditation. I sit on the floor, I burn my incense, palo santo incense from this company in NY called Incausa. Then I check my email, check Instagram, you know all of the things. I try not to [look at my phone before meditating], I look for anything urgent like a quick scan of my texts, but I don’t write back.”

As for the last hour, Weiss devotes that to Instagram. “It’s purely an Instagram hour in bed because I check all the Glossier photos and respond to DMs from people. On Glossier our engagement rate is something like 3.2, but the average for the industry is like 1.8, but of course, that changes all the time. We have an amazing team at Glossier of 120-something people across three countries, so I’m definitely not the only person who is engaging, and that’s definitely not the only channel we’re engaging on.”

Outside of work, Weiss reads. Podcasts aren’t her thing: “I’m more visual,” she tells me. “Right now I love this book by Danny Meyer. He owns like 20 restaurants in New York, and it’s interesting—I think he may be the only restauranteur who has never closed a restaurant. Like, usually restaurants have a life span. He’s always innovating. He has a book called Setting the Table about how hospitality influences all aspects of every business. The tenets and the best practices of hospitality are applicable to all businesses, which I think is really fascinating.”

When Weiss isn’t working or reading, she’s taking a Katona yoga class at Sky Ting in New York. Massages are her indulgence: “I am just a big fan of touch. You’ve gotta get it, you know, wherever you can,” she laughs. “I’m in a privileged position as a beauty editor where people send me products for free, which is nice, but I spend a lot on hair color. Going platinum was very expensive but very worth it. I’d never felt cooler. It was kinda like having an It bag all the time. It was an accessory.”

With our time nearly up, I put some last questions to Weiss.

Rapid-Fire Question Round

Where are you dying to visit here in London?

I’m going to this fragrance place called Les Senteurs. I really like Liberty for all the beauty there.

Any secret uses for your products?

Milky Jelly Cleanser and Body Hero Daily Oil Wash as shaving cream.

Favorite Instagram account right now?

The dog?


Are they your favorite dog?


What beauty products do you have on your desk at work?

I don’t have beauty products on my desk.

What’s the one product you wouldn’t be able to leave the house without?

Balm Dotcom. I have one everywhere because you have to. I used it on the flight over.

Any products you’d love to make but haven’t cracked the formula for yet?

Mascara and deodorant.

Any products that make you go, Damn, I wish that was mine?

Bioderma Crealine ($15).

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