This Is the One Product Emily Ratajkowski Swears By for Glowing Skin

Updated 04/25/19
Product Disclosure

If there’s one celebrity beauty regimen we’re stalking hard, it’s Emily Ratajkowski's. Her glowing, radiant complexion might be down to the amount of sunshine she’s getting (we’re not jealous of her constant holidaying or anything), but we know there had to be some kind of secret helping it look so damn dewy all the time. Lucky then, that our suspicions were correct, and the model of the moment shared the skincare product she’s obsessed with right now.

Keep scrolling to find out what her go-to product is.

The model turned actress took to Instagram Stories to share her go-to product to her 14.5 million followers, and you can get your hands on it at Cult Beauty. Introducing Nurse Jamie’s EGF Platinum Restorative Facial Elixir (£160).

Emily Ratajkowski Skincare
Nurse Jamie EGF Platinum 3 Restorative Facial Elixir $160

Emily isn’t alone in loving this celeb favourite product, with Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian West and Khloé Kardashian, and Kirsten Dunst being noted fans of the Elixir and Nurse Jamie. As a trained nurse, Jamie Sherrill has worked in L.A. as a skincare expert for over 20 years and has dedicated her life to celebrity skin, so she's definitely a trustworthy source.

She describes her EGF Platinum 3 Restorative Facial Elixir as a “scene-stealer” promising to help “restore the skin to a healthier revitalized state with its nutrient-infused blend including three active essential oils.” With ingredients high in vitamin A and vitamin C, such as Rosa Rubignosa seed oil and Caryodenron orinocense nut oil (high in vitamin E and supposedly the answer to youthful skin), this elixir doesn’t come cheap—but if it’s the answer to EmRata’s complexion, we want in on the action.

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