Emily Ratajkowski Just Shared the #1 Tip That Changed Her Skin—and It's 100% Free

"My favorite new trick.”

Emily Ratajkowski

 Emily Ratajkowski

Like the rest of us (especially during the pandemic), multi-hyphenate Emily Ratajkowski AKA @Emrata loves a good sheet mask, that is until it cuts into her routine. “Sheet masks traditionally slide off your face and that’s annoying,” she explains to Byrdie over Zoom. “I can’t lay like a mummy all the time. I have things to do, especially in the mornings.” For this reason, she partnered with LOOPS, a lifestyle beauty brand bringing you sheet masks with hydrogel formulas. The masks stay put and won't budge until you’re ready to remove, leaving you free to multi-task while you mask. 

LOOPS, mask
LOOPS Beauty Variety Loop $30.00

“Now with Loops, I can do masks in a lot of different environments and in my life. I never thought of masks in that way before,” she says. Emily has a lot to take on during the day, with her own brand Inamorata and joining LOOPS as a partner and creative director, so masking anywhere, anytime is a necessity. The no-mess, no-slip masks from this brand are concentrated and effective with Instagrammable packaging worthy of a few mask selfies. 

We didn't even get to the best part yet. They’re easy to shop for your specific skincare needs by allowing you to customize a selection of targeted masks. “Approachable but effective beauty and technology is so nice. I was one of those people when I was 21 or 22 who used Neutrogena face wash, bar soap, didn’t moisturize, [and] didn’t have a sense of really great skincare,” she shares (and haven't we’ve all been there). “I think I went the other way in the last two years, tried every retinol and vitamin C and a bunch of different things, and came back to a middle ground of simplifying my approach and having 10 products, including makeup, that I rely on. Face masks ave always felt separate from that but now I get to integrate that into the core.”

I was one of those people when I was 21 or 22 who used Neutrogena face wash, bar soap, didn’t moisturize, [and] didn’t have a sense of really great skincare.

As Emily refined her beauty routine the supermodel's number one beauty tip is super easy but so important. “I used to think that washing your face was really important and I do still, but I think you should only wash it once a day at night and really lightly. Otherwise, at least for my skin, it strips my skin of natural oils and makes my skin breakout because it dries.” Another key to washing your face without drying out the skin: water temperature. She continues, “Everyone used to say, you have to wash your face all the time, it’s disgusting to go to bed with a dirty face, I still wash my face at night but I think simple is better. And cold water, not hot—my favorite new trick.”

Before she logs off of Zoom, Emrata shares the one beauty icon she draws inspiration from. “Marilyn Monroe had some really specific tricks that are really amazing. She wasn’t contouring, but she had certain things she liked around her nose. She used Vaseline over her whole face. There were really specific things she knew she wanted with her look and skin, and I admire that a lot because that’s someone who really knew her look and her face and that’s something I really aspire to.”

You can shop LOOPS AT Loopsbeauty.com

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