Every Product Emily Ratajkowski Uses on Her Eyebrows



Because Emily Ratajkowski is essentially a walking genetic anomaly—seriously, the fact that that body is the result of a very laissez-faire diet and fitness regimen is downright unfair—it often feels useless to get hung up on the hows and whys of her stunning features, because no amount of crunches or lip-plumping gloss is going to get us there. But brows? Brows we can do. With the right tools and barring any scorched-earth plucking habits, brows are attainable.

The actress and supermodel is the latest A-lister to share her beauty routine with Into the Gloss, including, of course, the handful of products she uses to groom and play up her naturally full arches—three, to be exact. They also happen to be items that we can personally vouch for here at Byrdie HQ. Keep reading to see what they are.