7 Emily in Paris Outfits That Will Summon a Parisian Adventure

Time to pack your bags (just in case).

emily in paris


Regardless of what critics say about Emily in Paris, we can all marvel at the show's fashion. If you don’t pay attention to the clothes while watching Emily in Paris, it’s easy to just get a general vibe from each character without appreciating the individual pieces picked out—whether they’re designer classics or quirky pieces you’d be lucky to find thrifting.

One thing I admire about the show is that Emily is almost always wearing Louboutin heels and a Chanel crossbody. It’s quite unrealistic she’d be wearing new designer items every day on her salary while living in Paris, but let’s go with it and dream on.

Season two is right around the corner and coming to Netflix on December 22. Before it does, start getting back into the zone of a Parisian, croissant-fused fantasy by wearing some Emily-inspired looks. Emily is always wearing bright colors, and they’re usually in the same color family. Her style is colorful and mixes flirty, quirky, classy, and is always très chic. Plus, there’s always a touch of luxury finish.

Here are some of Emily’s most memorable looks, as well as the pieces you can buy to create your own Emily-inspired wardrobe.

Emily is rarely seen in just black and white clothes, so when she does wear them, it’s going to be a statement. Her checkered jacket and shorts are an eye catching and bold set (Emily's is a sold-out Veronica Beard set). When paired with the bright red beret and comfy-but-sexy Louboutins, this outfit channels feeling confident, powerful, and ready to take on the day.

Emily's casual outfits are still cute enough to make me envious and inspired to get it together. What makes this outfit special is that she has one statement piece to elevate the entire look. All you need is your comfiest sneakers, a colorful-but-casual tee, and black jeans or leggings to get this look. To finish it, add the final piece: A statement jacket (that magically matches the roses you buy yourself in morning).

This is what Emily wears to dinner when she’s trying to impress her boss, a high-stakes client, and the swoon-worthy chef she’s crushing on. This outfit leaves an impression because of the play between color and texture. It's all shades of the same color, but the texture differences between each piece add chicness and complexity to the piece. The lace-up booties add a subtle touch of grunge.

While Emily wears this green and plaid outfit to wow a CEO and crowd of influencers, you can sport something like this to your next brunch. This look is sophisticated with a flirty twist. She’s wearing a nice and structured (Chanel, of course) coat with a neck scarf, but she’s also wearing a more trendy bucket hat and mixing prints. By ultimately meshing classy and trendy, this outfit is sharp but not too serious.

It’s no secret that a little black dress with black heels is a classic look for any classy night out or date night when you want to look your best. Emily’s take on this goes a bit above and beyond, which I’m taking notes on. She wears a high bun with a mid-length, off-the-shoulder black dress. To add some more of her personal style to the classic look, she wears a statement clutch and black heels with some shimmer.

In this episode, Emily’s genius strikes again to save the day at the office. If you can wear jeans to the office, this look is especially for you. Between the loose-fitting jeans and blazer jacket, this outfit mixes professional with comfort. By mixing these elements, this outfit is serious and fun at the same time, making it very versatile.

When we first meet Emily, she’s already being aspirational by going out on a long morning jog (which is probably when I’m groggily getting through my coffee). In most of her outfits, she takes any chance to add pops of color and prints, but when she works out, she keeps it comfy and adds pops of color where they fit. While running in the cold, her jacket is where there’s an opportunity for a fun plaid print.

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