Exclusive: Emily Blunt's Makeup Artist Gives Us a Lesson in Cozy Winter Makeup

We're breaking down five complete looks.

Emily Blunt in white top with pink lipstick

Jonny Cournoyer and Renato Campora

There's something undeniably magical about winter. Maybe it's how pretty and flushed everyone's frost-bitten cheeks look, the goodwill and cheer, or the velvet and silk outfits worn to holiday parties and gatherings but it's almost impossible to not feel like you're in a fairytale when caught out in the cold. For actress Emily Blunt, she gets to take the whole thing a little more literally. Her movie, Wild Mountain Thyme, is a sweeping, modern Irish fairytale full of lush landscape shots, romantic trysts and drama, and (most crucially for any love story) lots of kissing in the rain.

Though Blunt's Wild Mountain Thyme press tour was relegated to only virtual stops due to the pandemic, it blessedly didn't halt the glam. In fact, if anything, it was dialed up to 11 with an entire lookbook of cozy winter makeup looks with shimmery shadows, glossy blush, and perfectly tousled hair.

Emily Blunt getting makeup done by Jenn Steicher

Jonny Cournoyer & Renato Campora

We caught up with Blunt and Jenn Streicher, her makeup artist, for a complete breakdown of every press look, from exact products used to pro tips and tricks you can use on your own. Scroll on for the ultimate winter makeup inspiration, straight from the source:

Golden Glow

Emily Blunt gold jacket, braids, and pinks lips

Jonny Cournoyer & Renato Campora

To play off Blunt's standout marigold jacket and romantic crown braids, Streicher went for a complementary glow and a peachy-pink lip color that glorifies, not competes with, the statement piece. "Glow" was (unsurprisingly) the name of the game for this stop on the virtual tour, achieved with with the help of one majorly multitasking highlighter.

Streicher applied some gold-toned Chantecaille Éclat Brillant Highlighter ($55) to Blunt's cheekbones before adding a touch to her eyelids as well for subtle shine. (The limited-edition shade is a favorite of Streicher's but can easily be recreated with a similar gold-hued highlight like the Make Up Forever Artist Face Color Highlight ($23) in shade H106—check out the similarity in color and texture.)

For even more glow while still looking natural and lit-from-within, Streicher likes to apply Chantecaille Radiance Elixir ($212) before makeup application and even mixes it into foundation for added luminosity. "This is a great trick for really making the skin look naturally radiant," Streicher tells us. "I also think that blending with a damp Beautyblender ($20) really amps up the glow."

Princess Peach

Emily Blunt in white top with pink lipstick

Jonny Cournoyer & Renato Campora

Cream blush has long been an Emily Blunt classic with her English Rose coloring, but Streicher's expert application of layered cheek color and highlight accentuates her sky-high cheekbones like never before. "Emily has such great cheekbones and I really love to enhance them," she says. After a layer of foundation, Streicher applies some pearly-pink Chantecaille Liquid Lumière Illuminator in Sheen ($46) as a highlighter and then layers on some pink blush to the apples of Blunt's cheeks. "The highlighter really makes the blush pop," she explains.

To layer your own highlighter and blush, first isolate the color tone you're going for (is it gold, pink, platinum, copper, etc?) then find a liquid highlighter in that shade to start building. Rare Beauty's Positive Light Liquid Luminizer Highlight ($22) boasts eight different shades, meaning you're bound to find one to suit any blush color up next.

As for shadows, warm bronze tones were selected to emphasize Blunt's blue eyes. First, Streicher carefully lines Blunt's upper lash line with the deep bronze eyeliner before sweeping a shimmery, warm champagne-toned shadow on Blunt's lids and lower lash line for some shimmer and definition. Blunt's lip shade is an expert combination of peachy-pink with a light layer of coral lipstick added just after.

Power Player

Emily Blunt in grey power suit

Jonny Cournoyer & Renato Campora

For a pewter blazer complete with an ultra-feminine pussy bow blouse underneath, Streicher wanted Blunt's makeup to be equally sophisticated with matte eye shades, lip colors, and foundation. Streicher's secret to a smooth, matte complexion? Oil, believe it or not. "I always make sure to start with extra moisture when doing a more matte look, especially when you have dry skin," she explains.

That oil-cream combo isn't just ideal for smoothing your canvas pre-foundation, either. According to Streicher, it's also her secret to plump, hydrated skin even in the winter. "I think layering products is the best way to keep your skin hydrated and plump when it's cold outside. I always apply face oil first," she says, "I feel like the cream really 'locks in' the oil." You can add in even more hydration by slipping a serum into your routine, too. Streicher is a fan of the Chantecaille Bio Lifting Serum+ ($279), and we're partial to the Laneige Glowy Makeup Serum ($32), a top-rated serum designed for layering under cosmetics to regulate oil and boost radiance while keeping makeup fresh.

From there, Streicher layers on a semi-matte finish foundation and a high-def magnifying powder, which she reapplies throughout the day "to keep that fresh matte look." The theme continues on Blunt's eyes, on which Streicher uses Chantecaille's Mermaid Eye Matte ($36) in both Olivia, a flat gray shaded all over the lid, and Sylvie, a matte brown placed in the crease and along the lower lash line. For the grand finale, Streicher gives Blunt a coat of bright rose lipstick—"I love how this looks!"

Gentle Glamour

Emily Blunt with hair pulled back

Jonny Cournoyer & Renato Campora

"I think this was my favorite look of all the looks we did for Wild Mountain Thyme virtual press," Streicher says. "I love the peachy-nude lip...and the swept-up hair! So chic!" That perfect lip was achieved with the help of some Chantecaille Lip Chic in Lily ($40), while the dramatic eyes are thanks to careful smudging of a dark gray liner along the lash line. Lancôme's Le Stylo Waterproof Long Lasting Eyeliner Pencil ($34 in slate gray shade Fumee is a cosmetics engineering marvel, managing to be at once creamy and nearly immovable, minimizing unintentional smudging and migration.

The pièce de résistance of this look, though, are the cheeks. "One of my favorite Chantecaille products, the Cheek Gelée ($46) in pink shade Happy, really is the icing on top of the cake," Streicher tells us. "This product really works for everyone and is a staple for the wintertime because of the hydrating formula."

Final Bow

Emily Blunt sparkly blouse arms folded

Jonny Cournoyer & Renato Campora

For the last look of the virtual press tour, Streicher knew she wanted to go for a "soft sparkle" for a touch of festivity. Paired with Blunt's romantic, silver-flecked blouse, the effect is stunning.

"I started by wetting the Chantecaille Luminescent Eye Shade in Cheetah ($54) with an eye brush and a bit of water. This gave the metallic look to her lids," Streicher explains. She follows the shadow with a thick, lash-skimming line of Les Perles Metallic Eyeliner in Argent ($42), a sparkly silver, and then a much thinner line of black liquid line right against the lash line. As for the fluttery lashes themselves, Streicher says she used her favorite Troy Surratt Relevée Lash Curler ($36) before applying two coats of volumizing mascara.

Fallout can be a concern with dramatic lash looks, so opt for mascaras that keep flakes to a minimum. L'Oreal Paris' Voluminous Lash Paradise Washable Mascara ($10) has a Byrdie-approved formula that delivers thick lashes without crumbling.

For one last tip, we asked Streicher her expert opinion on keeping lipstick on even under masks. Turns out it's pretty impossible, even for celebs and pros, but Streicher has a trick to keep your lips in great shape even under some fabric. She says wearing a mask is actually the perfect opportunity to give your lips a little extra nourishment. "I love using a good lip exfoliant (Lano Lip Lemonaid Scrubba-Balm ($17) is great!) and then use a great moisturizing mask," she tells us. "I have fallen in love with Tatcha's Kissu Lip Mask ($28) and use it throughout the day."

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