I Tried Emface, the New Device for Needleless Filler

Here are my honest thoughts.

Emface treatment botox alternative before and after photo

Ashley Rebecca

I've always been very open about the skincare products I use and the treatments I get. As a pro makeup artist and someone who writes about beauty, honesty is the best policy, in my opinion, when it comes to talking about what I’ve done to my face. I get Botox for my 11s, and to even out one eyebrow that’s higher than the other, along with treating some fine lines that are starting to form on my forehead. I also get dermal fillers in my cheeks (one syringe total) to help smooth out my under-eye area and lift where bags start to form. While injectables are a personal choice, I can’t just pretend I don’t do anything when so many people seek out my advice on what products or treatments they should use, and I am perfectly comfortable telling the truth. 

That being said, I like to look as much like myself as possible, and I have achieved a natural, rested, and lifted look with injectables thus far. I have a consistent skincare routine where I use microcurrent technology, LED light therapy, retinol, vitamin C serum, and sunscreen. My routine is simple yet quite effective. However, I'm always looking to try the latest treatments, which is why I was thrilled to try BTL Aesthetics'—the company behind Emsculpt—latest non-invasive device, Emface.

Keep reading to learn about my experience with Emface, the non-invasive solution to facial injectables.

Meet the Expert

Dr. Jennifer Levine is a world-renowned facial plastic surgeon in New York City who is double board certified and triple ivy league trained with 20 years of experience.

What Is Emface?

I was lucky enough to receive my Emface treatments from Dr. Jennifer Levine, a world-renowned plastic surgeon in New York City. Dr. Levine explained what to expect over the course of the next four weeks in a straightforward way that made me feel comfortable and excited.

Levine told me that “Emface combines radiofrequency with electromagnetic stimulation to lift and tighten the face and brow.” Both radiofrequency and electromagnetic stimulation work together to create a treatment that will lift and sculpt the face without injections.

How Does Emface work?

If you're familiar with Emsculpt for your body, Emface works in a similar way. Emface uses High-Intensity Facial Electrical Stimulation—or HIFES—to contract and strengthen the delicate facial muscles, causing a lifting effect.

Levine explains, “Emface combines radiofrequency with electromagnetic stimulation on the elevators of the face—the frontalis and the zygomaticus major and minor muscles. The frontalis elevates the brow. The zygomaticus major and minor muscles elevate the corners of the mouth and lift the face. The combination of the treatments increases the bulk of these muscles and also decreases wrinkles.”

For those unfamiliar with that impressive language (myself included), it’s essentially a treatment that uses radiofrequency and electromagnetic stimulation to lift the most prominent parts of the face without any needles.

What Are the Benefits of Emface?

If you want a lifting, tightening treatment that will also help make wrinkles less noticeable, this is right up your alley. Levine explained, “Emface lifts and tightens the face, along with decreasing wrinkles.” If you’re someone who doesn’t feel comfortable with injectables or might have a fear of needles, this is an effective alternative.

What Part of the Face Does Emface Work on?

Are there specific areas of the face that Emface is going to target? When asked, Levine emphasized the parts of the face that will see the most noticeable results are “the brow, cheeks, and corners of the mouth.”

How Many Emface Sessions Does it Take to See Results?

It's recommended to do four treatments total, each spaced one week apart, to see full results. “To affect the muscles and promote the production of collagen and elastin, repeated treatments are necessary. Patients will experience an immediate lifting effect after their first treatment, and full results will occur at 12 weeks.” Since each person is unique and has different needs when it comes to the depth of wrinkles and desire for lifting, clients are encouraged to do at least one series of Emface per year, which totals four treatments. Still, they can come back for additional treatments if recommended.

Woman trying Emface machine botox alternative

Ashley Rebecca

What Does Emface Feel Like?

Any treatment that will lift my face and make me look more refreshed 100% has my attention, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to get started. I sat in the plush chair in the treatment room while a grounding pad was taped to my back, and the applicators were taped to my forehead and cheeks. The grounding pad completes the radiofrequency circuit—wires stem from the pad, and are attached to the machine to ground the energy and channel it to the pads on the face. 

Once the machine is warmed up and the radiofrequency starts, the sensation felt warm on my skin, with a light pulsing and contracting. You can feel the pads pulling and lifting the forehead and the cheeks. It is a sensation I’ve never felt before, yet was quite soothing with zero pain. The pulsating becomes more intense as the levels steadily climb to their highest point. I got used to the treatment immediately, and before I knew it, after an amusing scroll on TikTok, my 20 minute session was already finished. 

After the pads were removed, my skin was slightly red, dissipating within five minutes, and my face felt and looked lifted immediately. I felt and looked incredible after each session and could go about my day as normal; no makeup was needed or even wanted with such instant results. After receiving each Emface treatment, I noticed that my skin felt tighter, and I did not have as much movement in my forehead area as I had before getting Emface. My eyebrows felt and looked lifted, yet in photographs still were uneven, which I expected as the lift started at the top of the forehead. It’s important to note that the last time I had Botox and dermal filler was in March 2022, and my Botox had completely worn off before receiving my Emface treatments, so there was no interference.

Emface treatment botox alternative before and after photo

Ashley Rebecca

Are There Any Risks Associated With Emface?

“People with metal plates or implants in their face should not get this treatment,” Levine explained., since the metal can interfere with the electromagnetic waves. The best practice before receiving this treatment is to talk it through with your service provider to ensure you’re an ideal candidate and have all your questions answered. 

Who are the Best Candidates for Emface?

Levine advised, “Anyone is a good candidate for Emface. Patients from 40-55 years old may see the greatest improvement.” If you are someone who gets injectables regularly, you can utilize this treatment in conjunction with them, and it will not disrupt the work you’ve already done.

How Much Does Emface Cost?

It’s no secret—Emface isn’t cheap. Levine advised, “Depending on location, a series of four Emface sessions will cost between $5,000 and $6,000.” 

Emface botox alternative before and after

Ashley Rebecca

How Does Emface Compare to Botox?

There are some key standouts when comparing Emface to injectables such as Botox and dermal fillers. Botox is a neurotoxin injected into the face to temporarily relax facial muscles and keep them from moving to smooth out visible lines and wrinkles and aid in lifting. When I get Botox, it takes around seven days for the effects to kick in fully, and I notice that movement decreases significantly in the areas of my face where I’ve been injected. In about four months, the injection wears off, and it’s time to go back. Every individual metabolizes Botox differently and has unique needs, so the time between treatments will vary from person to person.

With Emface, I felt and noticed an immediate lift in my face right away, and my facial muscles felt tighter, yet I could still move them more than when I get Botox. That is one of the biggest cosmetic differences I noticed between the two treatments. When getting injectables, it’s common to have your face numbed before, so you don’t feel much of the needle. With Emface numbing isn’t necessary. It’s also possible and common to bruise after receiving injectables, yet there is zero bruising or recovery with Emface. 

Botox can also correct specific, targeted areas of the face, whereas Emface focuses solely on the brows, cheeks, and corners of the mouth. Both treatments can be used in conjunction with each other to give clients their desired results.

Botox is priced differently depending on who you get it from. Some dermatologists and plastic surgeons will charge per area, and others will charge per unit. Dermal fillers normally start at around $1,000 per syringe, whereas Emface is a flat fee for a series of four treatments. It’s important to weigh the cost of each treatment and the results they will give before moving forward to ensure you’re choosing the correct course of action for your needs. Clients who have an aversion to needles or injectables would benefit from receiving Emface to lift the muscles and promote the production of collagen and elastin, which we lose as we age. 

How Does Emface Compare to Fillers?

I get filler in my cheek area to lift and sculpt, thanks to my concern around my eye bags. With Emface, you won’t see that plumping effect immediately as you do with filler. Though it can take time for filler to settle in, I usually see results immediately under my eyes—unlike Botox, which needs a week to kick in. Think of it like this; if you were to inject filler into a wrinkled blueberry, the filler would instantly plump it back to its natural shape and remove any wrinkles. Emface stimulates collagen and elastin, yet the results are different when comparing them side by side with dermal fillers—I found it better for smoothing and lifting than plumping. After I get filler, I do have a slight soreness in the area it was injected in for a few days, while Emface is totally painless.

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