Why Every Makeup Artist Swears By This French Moisturizer

Our obsession with French things is not a discerning fixation. Men, women, bread, hair, style, accents, animals (French cats, it’s a thing)… the list goes on. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the beauty set’s all-time favorite moisturizer also happens to be French—and like all things French, it’s maddeningly chic yet completely unfussy. Say hello (bonjour?) to Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentraté ($28), the cult French moisturizer in the instantly-recognizable blue and white tube. Thanks to sites like Birchbox and beauty industry buzz, it exploded into the states a few years ago and has since become a mainstay in many a woman’s skincare arsenal. We couldn’t help but notice that makeup artists especially seem to favor the lightweight moisturizer—in fact, once we started paying attention, we couldn’t name a single makeup artist who 1.) had never heard of it and 2.) wasn’t already carrying it in their kit. What is it about Embryolisse that makes it such an industry favorite? What sets it apart from the thousands of other soothing moisturizers on the market? We went straight to the source and asked—then promptly bought a few more tubes for our emergency stash. Keep scrolling to see why makeup artists love Embryolisse!