Elsa Hosk's Lip Contour Wand Gave Me a Supermodel Pout

It's worth the TikTok hype.

Elsa Hosk in a yellow shirt

Elsa Hosk

If the 10,000 tubes in my purse are any indication, I love a lip product. If we're being nit-picky, blush is my favorite, but lips are the most fun category to shop for (or hoard). In my collection, I have hundreds of liners, glosses, balms, oils, and lipsticks in finishes that range from glossy to matte. In short, if it exists, I've tried it.

But it had never crossed my mind to want a lip contour. In fact, I didn't even know that was a thing—until I started getting served videos of Beaubble x Elsa Hosk's Lip Contour Wand on TikTok. I was instantly intrigued by the product's spongy tip, which left everyone I saw on the app with pillowy, plump, yet totally natural-looking lips. I knew I had to try it.

Thankfully, I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of the sought-after pens. Ahead, everything you need to know and my honest review.

The Product

The product is a collab between model Elsa Hosk and beauty innovator Beaubble, which releases clean influencer collabs on a "drop" schedule—though there's also a membership option where you can get on-demand access. Elsa's collection consists of a cushion blush, a peel-off nail polish set, and the now-infamous contour wand.

The wand comes in two shades, Light-Medium and Medium-Deep. Instead of a typical pinky nude or red, the wands come in varying shades of brown and are meant to contour, not line, the lips creating an illusion of shadows from full lips.

Here's how it works: Uncap the pen, and twist the bottom until the creamy product (think the texture of a liquid contour) comes out of the sponge-tip applicator. Then, lightly run the sponge over the edges of your lips, gently patting in the product. You can use it more traditionally as a brown liner on your lips or around them for that shadow effect. Then, top it off with some balm, gloss, or lipstick as you please.

The Hype

As I mentioned above, it's become impossible for me to scroll TikTok without seeing the Contour Wand pop-up. User @facesbydanii compares it to "free lip filler" after pairing it with a gloss, while @arevceline says that it doubles the size of her lips.

User @natgawd, gives it one of the most glowing recommendations, calling the "magic little tool" a "game changer." She adds that it "makes your makeup look so balanced and polished" as well.

My Review

Elsa Hosk Lip Contour Wand before and after photo

Bella Cacciatore

As much as this product intrigued me, it also terrified me. I love a good lip liner but have to be careful with over-lining since it tends to veer into mustache territory very quickly on me. That being said, I really wanted in on the pillowy plump lips all over my FYP, so I put my fear aside and clicked up the pen's applicator.

Despite the spongy tip, the wand is super easy to apply, and it was simple to run the sponge along the edges of my lips. The product inside is really lightweight and has a blurring texture that can be blended out and manipulated before drying down for good—the liquid formula also means it has more staying power than traditional liners. The color is cool-toned for natural-looking shadows without leaning grey or ashy.

The first time I used it, I tried to keep the color on the border of my lips, sort of half on the actual lips and half around them. I focused a little more on the center of my lips, where I would naturally have the most volume. I liked the finished look—especially with a sheer pink gloss applied over the top—but would recommend playing around with it a little to see what works best for you. I found the most natural results by using it like a traditional lip liner on my top lip and then slightly outside my natural lip line on the bottom, again emphasizing that middle section. That way, my lips look deliciously plump but without any obvious lines.

My makeup bag just gained yet another lip product, considering I'm obsessed with the results.

Beaubble x Elsa Lip Contour Wand
Beaubble x Elsa Lip Contour Wand $34.00

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