Elle Ferguson Just Shared Her Secret Tanning Hack for an Even Glow

Updated 03/13/18
Elle Ferguson for Gritty Pretty Magazine . Photography by Emily Abay ; Makeup by Ania Milczarczyk ; Hair by Brad Mullins ; Styling by Molly King

It's no secret that we've got a huge girl crush on Elle Ferguson. Her makeup routine is on point, her skincare line-up is epic, and her newly launched tan, the Elle Effect, is seriously impressive. And as it would seem, we're not the only ones, with online beauty website Gritty Pretty launching its Autumn 2018 issue today with none other than Ferguson on the cover. Looking burnished and glowing, of course, Ferguson had some ace tanning tips to share throughout her cover-story interview (undertaken by none other that her pal and fellow beauty girl boss Jen Atkin, no less).

Sure, she preached the benefits of exfoliation, but there was one other hack that we are calling out as pure genius. Read on to find out what it is. 

For all avid tanners out there, you might be well aware of the perils of tanning straight after you shower. It makes sense in theory, sure, but in actual fact, the warm water from the shower leaves pores open, thus the brown speckled appearance all over legs post-application (not to mention the subsequent extra coat that comes after to cover your mishap). Not to mention hair removal—shaving just exacerbates the problem, leading to a blotchy, uneven tan. 

Ferguson (who's basically the unspoken queen of looking bronzed and glowy) has the solution: "Before you get out of the shower, I recommend turning the water on cold for a few seconds—the pores close and subsequently you will use less tan", she tells Jen Atkin for Gritty Pretty

So, if the only time you have to tan is post-shower-pre-bedtime, try Ferguson's trick on for size. It will close the pores and hair follicles, meaning no spotting and less tan usage—genius! Consider that one of your beauty dilemmas solved. 

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