Exclusive: 48 Hours in Tokyo With Mark Townsend and Elizabeth Olsen

A lot goes into making a blockbuster movie. There’s the choosing the lead actors part, or the filming in remote, far-off locales part… and then there’s the press junket part. Perhaps the second-most important factor in a film’s success other than, you know, the actual movie itself, press tours allow the actors to 1) create buzz for the movie and give a ton of interviews in a short period of time and 2) make everyone want to watch the movie because of how damned good they look. With the latter in mind, we caught up with mane master and Dove celebrity stylist Mark Townsend—he’s responsible for the Olsens’ famous perfectly imperfect naked hair, as well as mind-boggling updos for the likes of Rachel McAdams and Elizabeth Banks—and asked him to share his Tokyo press tour diary. The movie in question? Avengers: Age of Ultron. The well-tressed actress he beautified? None other than the talented Elizabeth Olsen, a budding beauty icon in her own right. From mouthwatering sushi to intricate buns, keep scrolling to see what it’s like to spend 48 hours in Tokyo on a whirlwind press tour!