This Popular Lipstick Has Been Hiding a Secret Compartment This Whole Time

As far as we're concerned, every beauty product is steeped with potential and secrets waiting to be uncovered—they're called beauty hacks, and in order to stretch our dollar as far as possible, we make it our mission to track down every single one. That might involve using your Beautyblender in an unexpected way, rubbing foundation on your lips in the name of a perfect pout, or discovering a way concealer can completely transform your face—the possibilities are truly endless.

Usually, that experimentation's on us, but sometimes—sometimes—our favorite brands are one step ahead of us. Exhibit A: This week, one woman was fiddling with a tube of E.l.f. Moisturizing Lipstick ($3) when she realized that there was an entire compartment hiding in the bottom—and when she tweeted her discovery, the internet devolved into absolute mayhem.

But what's hiding in that secret compartment? Keep reading to find out.