This New $10 Cleanser Will Melt Your Makeup Right Off

Scouting new products is sort of our specialty, but there are so many outrageously cool skincare and makeup product releases this year—from micellar cleansing waters to matte foundation/BB cream hybrids—that picking a starting point is no simple task. E.l.f.'s Hydrating Gel Melt Cleanser, though, is easily one of the best products we've discovered.

The formula instantly transforms on contact, going from a clear gel to a creamy oil right before your eyes. Just take a dime-size amount, rub it onto dry skin, and then work in a bit of warm water to create a rich lather. Rinse off and you're good to go. The result? Soft, supple skin sans any trace of makeup. One more thing: It's infused with argan oil, rose extract, and vitamin C, so your skin gets a nourishing treat while you cleanse. We'll take a lifetime supply, please!

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