This Is Why Everyone Keeps Telling Me My Skin Looks So Good

Elemis Peptide 4 Night Recovery Cream Oil Review

Like a lot of you, during the week I only get about six hours of sleep. No, it's not because I'm always working late or that I'm spending time at the gym. I'm usually reading Reddit or scrolling through Instagram. I know, super-cool life. Despite the fact that I've read studies on how the lack of sleep can kill you and I know you need at least eight hours a night, I'm usually still awake at 11 p.m. when I know I have to be up by 6 a.m. the following morning. And when you add up the amount of lost sleep over the course of a week, I tend to start looking a bit bedraggled (not totally unlike Mrs. Twit). To help, I usually turn to beauty products to give my dulled complexion a boost—in other words, I will slap on the concealer and foundation with abandon.

But my tactic is flawed. It shouldn't just be about covering up my dull, tired skin. If I really can't get enough sleep, then the best way to prevent looking tired the next day is slathering on a decent night cream or oil to make sure my skin looks rejuvenated. Recently, I discovered a new product that combines oils and creams, and I got so many compliments afterward that of course, I had to share. Keep scrolling to find out exactly what this new miracle cream is and where to buy it right now…

Elemis Peptide⁴ Night Recovery Cream-Oil $49

Elemis Night Recovery Cream-Oil is one of the best night creams I have ever tried. For starters, it sinks into the skin immediately. Now, for anyone who values their sleep, this is important, as you don't have to wait around for your product to get working on the skin, and it won't rub off on your pillowcase.

Secondly, the cream has a pleasing and relaxing smell to it, thanks to the ingredient of Night Scented Stock. It also contains Perilla Ocymoides, which is a great source of omega-3 essential fatty acids to help look after skin. The product also contains vitamin E to help restore dull skin.

To apply, carry out your usual cleansing routine and then massage a few pumps of the cream into your face, taking care to avoid your eyes. In the morning, my skin looks plump and refreshed. After less than two weeks of using it, everyone kept saying how incredible my skin looked. Now can you imagine what they would say if I managed to get my eight hours too? 

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