This Adaptogen-Fueled "Focus" Drink Works Better Than Anything I've Ever Tried

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I’ve been popping brain-boosting pills and mixing up adaptogen elixirs for as long as they’ve been on the market. Growing up, I was given a handful of vitamins before most meals—so, it’s second nature to me. And as someone who recovered less than a decade ago from a traumatic brain injury (which was so serious it included an Alzheimer’s diagnosis from Cedars Sinai), I’m always looking to ensure my grey matter stays as strong as possible. I take choline, one of the ingredients in this drink, most mornings, and add a functional mushroom blend with lion’s mane into my morning coffee. I take an adaptogen blend with schizandra a couple times a year, as well. I eat brain-enhancing foods, including the lemons and blueberries in this beverage, regularly. There’s no ingredient in Elements' Focus Functional Wellness Drink that’s unique or special to me, which is why I find its efficacy so alarming. But it works so well. Below, read my full review of Elements' Focus Functional Wellness Drink, as well as the science behind why it works.

The Bottom Line: It's wonderful

This drink makes focusing an easier task. It doesn’t taste bad and feels absolutely wonderful. 

Elements Focus Functional Wellness Drink

Best for: Those looking to improve focus during daily tasks

Uses: Improving focus, maintaining a positive outlook

Potential allergens: Blueberries

Active ingredients: Schizandra, citicoline, lion’s mane, lemon, jasmine, blueberry

Byrdie Clean?: Yes 

Price: $3

About the brand: Founder Steven Izen wanted to create an easy, inexpensive way for people to take adaptogens daily, and formulated Elements drinks to have "a refreshing tea-like taste and functions you feel."

elements focus functional beverage
Elements Focus Functional Wellness Drink $42.00

The Taste: Palatable

This is not a soda or a juice. It’s not overly herb-y or earthy, but I would not consume it for the flavor alone. That said, I only had to power through it the first time. Once I felt how well it worked, it magically tasted a bit better. Now it’s just a lightly fruity, non-carbonated sipper to me.

The Science: It works

To formulate Elements, Izen says, “We worked with an ethnobotanist and a doctor of psychonutrition to create the ideal formulas to ensure each can be comprised of a perfect, effective formulation of clinically-effective adaptogens.” Each of the ingredients in the Focus drink, including blueberry and lemon, have proven effects on focus, memory, and/or brain power. 

The Value: Accessible

This product has an amazing price given the ingredients. If you think of what brands like Moon Juice charge for powders of similar or fewer ingredients, this beverage is a small fraction of the cost per serving. Izen notes, “Generally, adaptogens are offered in a powdered or pill form and incredibly expensive. I wanted to offer an option for people to consume adaptogens in an easy way at an affordable price. Further, by making them available at places like Amazon, CVS, Wegman’s, and more, as well as free online shipping from our site, we’re making it even easier for people to incorporate adaptogens into their daily lives. My hope is this accessibility allows a more vast group of people to experience the benefits of adaptogens and drink Elements."

The Packaging: Adorable

So cute. The vibrant color, matte finish, and bright pictures of active ingredients on the can give this drink a fun and appealing lifestyle-centric look.  

The Results: Absolutely Effective

I was offered to sample this line of products, which consists of four drinks: two day time focused and two night time. They were all so effective I had a hard time choosing which to review. Usually drinks have only a small amount of functional ingredients, but these contain clinically proven levels of their ingredients, and it shows. The results for the Focus drink are that focusing is, well, awesome. I’m more excited to do my work, I get through it with fewer breaks, and I have a better attitude while working, too. 

Similar Products: You have options, but not at this price point

Droplet’s drinks cost $20 for a three pack of similarly sized beverages.

A four pack of Kin Euphoric’s canned “Spritz” drink will set you back $27.

Four Sigmatic’s ”Adaptogen blend is more reasonably priced than competitors like Moon Juice at $1 per serving, but is an unflavored powder you have to mix into a flavored drink yourself. 

The Verdict: Hell yes

Because the price of this drink is so low, there’s no risk factor. Being available at major retailers like CVS makes it quite easy to find, as well. If your beverage budget is low, try just a half of it; that has an impact for me and I often divide the can into two servings accordingly. They’re safe to drink daily, and not full of ingredients that one could easily build up a tolerance to. 

Be sure to be safe, though; Izen cautions, “As with any new additions to your health routine, if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, taking medications or supplements, or have an existing health condition, we suggest speaking with your doctor first.”

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