How This Beauty Guru Created Every Vlogger's Favorite Foundation

With so many beauty brands out there, it's rare to see newcomers thrive on social media. But as of late, Elcie Cosmetics seems to be on everyone's radar, from our favorite vloggers to makeup artists, proving that cult status doesn't just belong to classic brands. Beauty Vlogger Desi Perkins was so impressed, she used it in one of her tutorials and makeup artist Alison Christian used it on her client, Meghan Trainor. It might come as a surprise considering this one has been around for just over a year and consists of two products, but it's all the more reason to give its marquee product, the Micro Silque Foundation ($45), a try.

Elcie Cosmetics didn't just come out of nowhere, though. Its founder, Lilit Caradanian, is best known in the makeup world and social media as @MakeUpByLillit. With over a million followers and 15 years of experience doing makeup, the MBA grad also teaches at her studio, Lilit's Makeup Studio in Sherman Oaks, California, which opened its doors in 2012.

And the entrepreneur didn't create one of the most buzzed-about foundations on accident. After talking to her clients and realizing there was too much confusion in the market, Caradanian carefully chose to launch her brand with foundation. "I started my line to create consumer-friendly products that work for everyone, regardless of skin type, age, and skin color," she tells us.

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