How Eiza Gonzalez Went From Dark Brunette to "Expensive Blonde"

Colorist John Clark on all the details.

Eiza Gonzalez with Platinum blonde hair


The red carpet has always been a place for celebrities to debut new trends, ranging from a bold eyeshadow look to a new hair color entirely. We've seen Rihanna rock a sheer, shimmery dress, Megan Fox embrace clip-in bangs, and Alicia Keys give a gorgeous, pearl-covered low pony its due. And, this week, Eiza Gonzalez decided to use her time on the red carpet to make a loud hair statement.

The actress, who is typically a more expensive brunette than icy blonde, decided to use her time in London to go for a major change with a new platinum look. Accompanying her new 'do was a dark blue halter top gown with crystal detailing, a bold red lip, and feathered brows. On Instagram, pro Nikki Makeup dubbed the look, "velvet lips and glass skin."

While her style and beauty looks are certainly enough to land her on the best-dressed list, all eyes were on her new strands during the premiere. To get all the juicy details behind this awesome hair moment, we spoke to Gonzalez's colorist, John Clark. Keep reading for all the details.

The Inspiration

"I had been enhancing her almost raven black hair with deep chocolate mocha brown tones to give her hair a more multi-dimensional look," explains Clark. "Eiza had been really interested and keen on the idea of going ultra-platinum bright blonde—and I said it would be a moment and a major statement."

To achieve the look itself, Clark says he started by placing back-to-back foils in her hair using pre-lightener and Olaplex to lift her dark tresses to a pale blonde. "Then, after the lengths and ends had processed, I applied color to the roots and lifted them to a male blonde to match the ends," he says." Clark then toned using Wella Color Touch to complete the look. "I wanted to formulate a bright Hollywood platinum, using just the right amount of cool tone to remove too much warmth or brass."

While it's best to do a hair transformation like this in a salon, Clark does have some advice for doing it at home. "If you have dark hair like Eiza, I would first lift your lengths and ends as they take longer to process," he says. "Then, you can go in, lighten the roots, and re-apply the lightener to the ends to create an even pale blonde canvas." He recommends following that with a toner in bright white or platinum to create a bright and pale effect that's not too cool or too warm.

Eiza Gonzalez with platinum blonde hair and red lip

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How to Get the Look

The upkeep on the 'do is just as crucial as the steps to achieve it, so make sure you take that into account ahead of taking on such a high maintenance style. For upkeep, Clark advises using a purple shampoo once a week, like Olaplex No.4P Blonde Enhancer Toning Purple Shampoo ($28) or VirtueColorKick De-Brassing Shampoo ($42), to maintain the color, and adding in a moisture mask, like Olaplex No. 8 Bond Intense Moisture Hair Mask ($28) or Virtue Restorative Treatment Mask ($32), to keep your locks soft and strong.

Olaplex Purple Shampoo
Olaplex Blonde Enhancer Toning Purple Shampoo $28.00

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