This New Exfoliating Tonic is Like a Chemical Peel in a Bottle

Say hello to glowing skin.

Eighth Day Resurfacing Tonic on a marble background

Eighth Day

Chemical peels top the list of treatments I've always wanted to try. The treatment works by your dermatologist (or esthetician) applying a potent chemical exfoliant to your skin to remove the top layers, leaving a brighter, fresher, and more even complexion with an increased glow. The only problem? I have extremely sensitive skin, and I've always worried that an intense peel would be way too harsh for me.

Thankfully, the brains behind Eighth Day skin have come up with the perfect solution: the Resurfacing Tonic ($125). The brand is calling their newest addition a "chemical peel in a bottle," and uses a blend of exfoliative ingredients to help replicate the results of the treatment at home. Intrigued? Me too. Keep reading to find out all the details on the Eighth Day Resurfacing Tonic, including our honest review.

The Product

Created by Dr. Antony Nakhla, a reconstructive skin cancer surgeon, Eighth Day is a skincare line of products that are infused with Peptide-Rich Plasma (a biologically active blend of ingredients) to help you achieve your best skin. “I developed Peptide-Rich Plasma, a proprietary, high-potency topical delivery system containing 24 bioidentical peptides, growth factors, and amino acids. The formula dives deep within the skin’s surface to affect real change at the dermal level,” Nakhla previously told Byrdie.

The brand has developed quite the cult following, and has sold out at luxury retailer Violet Grey over five times since launching last fall—and it looks as if The Tonic will be following in its footsteps.

Eighth Day resurfacing tonic on a marble background

Eighth Day

By using a blend of high potency ingredients, the Tonic exfoliates dead skin cells, purifies skin from toxins and debris, and provides an instant glow. With each application, the exfoliative ingredients work to resurface the skin's outer layer, remove UV damage, balance skin's pH, and overall help skin get in tip-top shape. According to the brand's clinical trials, the toner can visibly reduce hyperpigmentation, visibly improve the appearance of deep-set wrinkles, and improve the appearance of fine lines in six weeks.

The product is intended to duplicate the results of a chemical peel—without the need to go through the harsh process or go to a dermatologist to receive the treatment. It's meant to be applied liberally daily, every other day, or once a week, depending on what your skin can handle.

The Formula

Dr. Nakhla opted to use two hero ingredients—lactic and glycolic acid—as the main actives for the formula. Both are intended to remove dead skin cells, increase skin cell turnover, promote hydration, improve skin texture, reduce hyperpigmentation, and stimulate the production of new collagen.

In addition, the formula also relies on lentil seed extract, witch hazel, and cucumber and aloe extracts to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores while soothing, relieving inflammation, and providing antioxidant protection.

My Review

Rachel's glowy skin after using the Eighth Day Resurfacing Tonic

Rachel Dube

When I first applied The Tonic to my face, I felt a slight tingling sensation and instantly got nervous. However, it quickly subsided and I left the product on as directed and it melted right into my skin—without leaving any residue or redness in its wake.

While you can apply it twice a day, I opted to apply it once every other day to start and then once daily after the first week. I slathered on a generous amount before bed, massaged it into my face, and let the product work overnight. The results? Pure magic.

After just one use, I saw the instant glow. And after two weeks of using it, my skin felt more hydrated, softer, and experienced less breakouts. Suffice to say, I am hooked. It's the closest I'll be getting to a chemical peel, and I don't mind one bit.

Eighth Day Resurfacing Tonic
Eighth Day The Resurfacing Tonic $125.00

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