Editors' Picks: The Best Beauty and Wellness Products We Tried in June

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Byrdie editors wear makeup looks featuring their favorite products

Byrdie Editors/Design by Tiana Crispino

We've made it to peak summer, which means it's time for long-awaited travel and plenty of other warm-weather adventures. At Byrdie HQ, our goal this month is to share the highest-performing beauty and wellness essentials with you so you'll have them on hand whether you're flying to an exciting new destination, going on an outdoor excursion, or staycationing comfortably at home.

Ahead, you'll find weightless SPFs, moisture-wicking makeup, nourishing haircare, and supplements that keep us feeling our best. Read on to learn more about our June picks, and prepare to glow all summer long.

Jesa Marie Calaor, editor

Byrdie editor Jesa Marie Calaor wears a glowy makeup look with winged liner

Jesa Marie Calaor/Design by Tiana Crispino

Dote Focus Supplement

Dote Focus Supplement


As the weather has warmed up, I've found it especially hard to stay focused. (My daydreams have been of outdoor dining in Brooklyn with my pup.) To keep myself productive, I've been reaching for Dote's Focus supplement, a formula that features concentration-enhancing ingredients—like ashwagandha and B-12—as well as stress-reducing CBD and L-Tyrosine. The result: I've been meeting my deadlines, including the one for this post, and am able to actually make my daydreams into a guilt-free reality.

ReFa Fine Bubble S

ReFa Fine Bubble One


I never thought I'd one day describe a shower head as gorgeous, but here we are. ReFa's Fine Bubble S is artistically sculpted, with science just as modern behind it. Its finest mist setting creates what the brand calls Ultrafine bubbles to help unclog pores and thoroughly cleanse skin and hair. I've been using it for over a month, and my hair and scalp feel extra silky and clean.

The Good Mineral Loves You Back 3-in-1 Foundation Powder

The Good Mineral Loves You Back 3-in-1 Foundation Powder

The Good Mineral

You may think of mineral foundation as chalky or the stuff that makes you look ashy. I’ve had my fair share of grayish flashback in photos caused by mineral powder, but this one from The Good Mineral changed my perception of the makeup category. I dipped a dense, flat-top foundation brush into the weightless powder and tapped it onto my skin, finding that it beautifully blended and melted into my complexion. It creates seamless coverage that looks like I have IG’s Paris filter on my face, but IRL.

Aimee Simeon, senior beauty editor

Byrdie editor Aimee Simeon wears a natural makeup look with glossy pink lips

Aimee Simeon/Design by Tiana Crispino

Dominique Cosmetics Wide Awake Full Coverage Concealer

Dominique Cosmetics Wide Awake Full Coverage Concealer

Dominique Cosmetics

I recently tried this concealer by Dominique Cosmetics, and I haven't put it down since. Christen Dominique developed a full-coverage, buildable formula that comes in 17 shades—I've been using the shade Chai Latte to highlight under my eyes, and I'm obsessed. Though the concealer is full coverage, you can make it appear more sheer with your fingers or a makeup sponge. I especially love that the applicator has a cooling tip that feels soothing when you put it on your skin.

Lawless Forget the Filler Lip Plumping Line Smoothing Gloss in Cherry Vanilla

Lawless Forget the Filler Lip Plumping Line Smoothing Gloss in Cherry Vanilla


I'm new to the Lawless Forget the Filler Lip Plumping Gloss, and I feel incredibly late to the party. I've been compulsively applying the new Cherry Vanilla shade ever since it landed on my desk, and it's amazing. It lives up to all of its smoothing, plumping, and lip-enhancing promises, leaving behind a juicy, cherry-tinted finish with a slight tingle. I also love that it has a unique doe-foot applicator that feels like a hug when you apply it.

LYS Beauty No Limits Cream Bronzer and Contour Stick

Contour Stick LYS

LYS Beauty

I love a customizable product you can tailor to your needs, and this bronzer stick from LYS Beauty is just that. The cream bronzer-contour stick hybrid comes in five shades that complement a range of brown complexions (often left out of the bronzer conversation). On a regular day, a few light taps of the pigmented stick is all I need to chisel my face and wake up my complexion. When I'm going out for a date or special occasion, I can concentrate more of the formula where I need more definition.

Bella Cacciatore, news editor

Byrdie editor Bella Cacciatore wears a dewy makeup look with graphic eyeliner

Bella Cacciatore/Design by Tiana Crispino

Olive & June Goldfish Set

Olive & June Goldfish Set

Olive & June

I have officially kicked my lifelong nail-biting habit (at least for now), and I've been really into sheer polishes that show off my new length. This set of shimmers from Olive & June could not have arrived at a better time. The Goldfish set includes a full-size bottle of last summer’s Pink Goldfish, an iridescent pink-and-lilac shade, as well as five mini shades—I love My Little Seapony, a shimmering aqua. I've been exclusively wearing these polishes, which go perfectly with my summer wardrobe and make for guaranteed compliments.

Uoma Beauty Trippin Smooth Primer

Uoma Beauty Trippin Smooth Primer

Uoma Beauty

Thanks to a round of Accutane, I’m dealing with drier skin than usual, so my makeup usually starts to crumble off my face by 2 p.m. I need a little extra gripping power, but most of my trusty primers are too matte to be of any help. Enter this primer, which has the same smoothing, blurring, and makeup-extending power as my usual stash, but adds a needed boost of hydration thanks to mushroom extract and chamomile water. The whipped formula has an amazing cooling effect as well, which is sure to come in clutch on hot summer nights.

Eden Stuart, associate editor

Byrdie editor Eden Stuart wears a glowy makeup look with a subtle reddish lip

Eden Stuart/Design by Tiana Crispino

Undefined R&R Sun Serum SPF 50 Mineral Sunscreen

Undefined R&R Sun Serum SPF 50 Mineral Sunscreen


I’m a simple woman: I just want to glow like the top of the Chrysler Building at basically all times. Undefined’s R&R Sun Serum gives me just that finish, plus SPF 50 from 12% zinc oxide to protect my skin. The tint is subtle—just enough to make sure you're fully ash-free—but also manages to provide a nice, low-key blurring effect when worn alone. I prefer to layer it under a lightweight base product, like Rose Inc’s Skin Enhance Luminous Tinted Serum or the L’Oreal Paris True Match Hyaluronic Tinted Serum, for the ultimate "clean girl" complexion. Naturally, I finish the look with loads of blush on top.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Nouveau Palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills Nouveau Palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills

I’ll confess: I was among the hordes of folks who bought the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette during the golden age of beauty YouTube. While I got plenty of use out of its beautiful rusty color story, I have to admit that I’ve strayed away from palettes in general over the last few months, but the Nouveau Palette has renewed my creativity. The color story is great for those of us who prefer to use two or three shades max when coming up with shadow looks—so many of the pans are just stunning on their own, and the green and rose gold themes feel like elevated neutrals. I’m excited to keep making inspired beats all season with this one.

Madeline Hirsch, news director

Byrdie editor Madeline Hirsch wears a fresh makeup look with glossy rose-nude lips

Madeline Hirsch/Design by Tiana Crispino

Krigler Voyage au Paradis 56 Perfume

Krigler Voyage au Paradis 56 Perfume


I like to change my perfumes with the seasons, and this new fragrance from Krigler is bottled joy. With notes of jasmine, orange, and bergamot, the fragrance is equal parts heady and playful, making it pretty much my perfect scent for the height of summer. The best way I can describe it is the perfume equivalent of an Aperol spritz: elegant, flirty, and never a bad idea beachside. After all, who doesn’t want to smell like the south of France?

Kosas Hotliner Hyaluronic Acid Contouring Lip Liner

Kosas Hotliner Hyaluronic Acid Contouring Lip Liner


Kosas always seems to deliver the exact makeup product I’m looking for, right as I want it. I’ve been experimenting with lip liners lately (the gym lips trend may partly be to blame), but clean beauty options in this category are few and far in between. So, when Kosas dropped its Hotliner collection, I was immediately intrigued. With hyaluronic acid and contouring abilities, I’m happy to report that this liner glides and defines as promised. Combine it with the brand’s beloved gloss, and you’ve got my current favorite lip combo.

Olivia Hancock, editor

Byrdie editor Olivia Hancock wears a natural makeup look and defined curls

Olivia Hancock/Design by Tiana Crispino

Sienna Naturals Dream Curl Cream

Sienna Naturals Dream Curl Cream

Sienna Naturals

I only wanted to use one styling product during my most recent wash day. Enter: the Sienna Naturals Dream Curl Cream. It promises to give curls maximum definition and a multi-day crunch-free hold, thanks to its plant-based curl complex. Those claims are absolutely true. After applying it and letting my hair air dry, my curls were bouncy and defined for days.

MAC Macstack Superstack Mascara



I now understand the hype behind the MACStack Mascara. It's been all over my TikTok feed for months, but I just began testing it a few weeks ago. It's rare that a mascara can make my lashes look super bold, long, and voluminous—MAC's latest creation accomplishes that easily. It's definitely earned a spot as one of my top five favorite mascaras.

Erika Harwood, senior style editor

Byrdie editor Erika Harwood wears peachy-pink eyeshadow with stick-on gems

Erika Harwood/Design by Tiana Crispino

InnBeauty Project Glaze #7 Cookie Lip Oil

Innbeauty Project Glaze #7 Cookie Lip Oil

Innbeauty Project

InnBeauty Project's lip oils are my Pokémon, and I need all of them. Currently I'm stuck on Cookie, which has become my favorite neutral lip product. I'll occasionally use it as a topper for other lip colors, but most of the time I swipe this on solo and go on my way. The consistency is exactly what I look for in a lip product: Thick, but not sticky; ultra-hydrating and glossy; and gives the perfect wash of color. If you don't already have one in your stash, I'd recommend fixing that as soon as possible.

Vegamour Gro Hair Serum

Vegamour GRO Hair Serum


I felt like the world's biggest sucker when I bought Vegamour's Gro Hair Serum. After a couple of Google searches for "receding hairline why please help," the brand's ads quickly populated onto my Instagram feed, and I took the bait. My expectations were lower than low, but since it features vegan ingredients like mung bean, curcumin, and red clover, I felt comfortable enough to give it a whirl with minimal risk for an adverse reaction. After a few weeks of applying the serum two to three times a week, focusing on my hairline, I was shocked (shocked!) to see fuller hair around my temples. I'm now kicking myself for not taking a before photo. A vegan hair growth serum I bought off Instagram sounded like the perfect con, but I'm now a loyal follower—who'd have thought?

Farmacy Honeymoon Glow Body 12% AHA/BHA Resurfacing Serum

Farmacy Honeymoon Glow Body 12% AHA/BHA Resurfacing Serum


For as long as I can remember, I've gotten wild ingrown hairs and acne-like bumps on my bikini line and thighs. Most of the products I've tried haven't done anything to alleviate them, so I've done my best to just pretend like they don't exist (both cool and very healthy of me). When Farmacy's Honeymoon Glow Body 12% AHA/BHA Resurfacing Serum showed up on my doorstep a couple of months ago, I thought, "Sure!" Over the next couple of weeks, the spots and bumps on my legs finally started to fade, and I rejoiced. 

If you were to look at the reviews for this, the number one complaint is the smell. Many people are... well, repulsed by it. Personally, it doesn't offend me, which I credit to my mother who often slathered my skin in herbal lotions and remedies when I was growing up. If you're not in love with the medicinal honey scent, know that it fades quickly and you can easily cover it up with your preferred body lotion.

Jasmine Phillips, social media editor

Byrdie editor Jasmine Phillips wears a natural, dewy makeup look and curly ponytail

Jasmine Phillips/Design by Tiana Crispino

Osea Undaria Algae Body Oil

Osea Undaria Algae Body Oil


Two words: Game-changer. I’ve never really been into body oils, but Osea’s Undaria Algae Body Oil really made me a believer. The formula quickly absorbs into the skin, so there's no need to worry about looking greasy. Instead, the result is soft, luminous skin. This is the perfect addition to my summer skin routine.

This summer, I’m taking extra care of my skin and showing it the TLC it needs so it can truly glow. Since adding Hope's Night Body Butter to my night routine, I’ve truly noticed a difference. I don’t know if it’s a placebo effect, but the notes of vanilla, patchouli, and amber are warm and comforting, which relax me and help with falling asleep faster.

Star Donaldson, senior social media editor

Byrdie editor Star Donaldson wears orange eyeshadow, glossy lips, and brushed brows

Star Donaldson/Design by Tiana Crispino

Byredo De Los Santos Eau de Parfum

Byredo De Los Santos Eau de Parfum


I'm definitely a spiritual person, and I use palo santo at least three times a week to cleanse my space/laptop/phone to ward off bad vibes. I knew that I loved the scent of palo santo in my home, but I never thought that I would also love it in a fragrance. Byredo's De Los Santos Eau de Parfum is the perfect blend of musk and sage that embodies my favorite ritual. Like many Byredo scents that I've tried, I've gotten endless compliments while wearing it, but it feels unique enough that not everyone around me knows exactly what it is. I didn't see it coming, but this is 100% my new summer scent.