5 Beauty Editors Share Their Struggles With Acne

As much as we tout the best products and methods that help us maintain a healthy glow and leave our skin looking vibrant and refreshed, we've all had our bouts with breakouts and problem skin. While our beloved cleansers and creams (and magical dermatologists) have done wonders for our complexions over the years, we still have scars from those pesky pimples (both emotionally and physically). Even today, breakouts, blackheads, and the like still happen (it's a myth that beauty editors have perfect skin!).

So for you, dear readers, we wanted to share our own histories with acne and what we've found has helped clear it up. After many trials, product testing, and even some errors, we've gotten into a good groove with our skin that we hope can help you out as well.

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What have you found works best for clearing up your breakouts? Please share with us below!

Opening Image: Beauty by Kelsey